3 January 2012

The Final List

Here is the list in full of all the acts featured in The Found Of Confusion throughout 2011, along with a recommended song by each act.


06:  Polarsets - Sunshine Eyes
13:  Washington Irving - Sisi
20:  Blu - Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall
27:  Lanterns On The Lake - Lungs Quicken


03:  Secret Rivals - Ghosting
10:  Laszlo - Zeitgeist
17:  Grenouilles - Bones
24:  Jukebox Collective - Swimming With Sharks


03:  Star Slinger - Mornin'
10:  Pandas and People - Hijamumpa
17:  The You And Me Ensemble - See You
24:  Wonder Bear - Kachina Peak
31:  Moscow Youth Cult - Iris


07:  Dimbleby And Capper - Educated
14Shields - White Knuckle Tight Grip
21Range Rover - There's Nothing For Me Here
28Gilbert - Red Leaves Floating On The Water


05Oregon Bike Trails - Come On, Cone On
12Wishing Wars - Scuba
19Calm As The Colour - The Rain Must Fall
26Daniel J Santillan - Do For You


02  Tomahawks For Targets - The Modern Hunter
09  Waskerley Way - Haram Haram
16  Mausi - Sol
23  Retriever River
30  Cult Image - Little Black Cloud


07  The Shutes - Noah's Ark
14  Daughter - Love
21  Polygon Palace - We Have A Visual
28  Blue Lip Feel - Sideways


04  Tiger Choir - Ghosties
11  Prince Ea - The Brain
18  Sleepy Panda Club - Black Rose Foundation
25  Spotlight Kid - Cold Steel Rain


01  Discopolis - We Should Have Been Born In Canada
08  Citizens - Avalanche
15  Deaf Club - Forest/Shore
22  Internet Forever -3D
29  Violet Youth - Delays


06  Space Fight - Strange Land
13  Summer Heart - My Forever Smile
20  Big Wave Riders - Behind These Walls
27  Little Scout - Right Now We Are Here


03  The Bilinda Butchers - All My Friends
10  Beaty Heart - Slush Puppy
17  The Brow Horn Orchestra - We Were Where The Hearts Is
24  Gung Ho - Twin Rays


01  Zulu Winter - Silver Tongue
08  Friends - Feelin Dank
15  Leopard Of Honour - Good Wives
22  Good Dangers - Abigail
25  Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger - Spinning On Fire
29  Founds - Caves

And now what you've all been waiting for, time to reveal the winner of the 'Found Of Confusion Video Of The Year Award'

*Cue lots of trumpets, confetti, Elephants doing stuff with their trunks - anatomically, not swimwear*

Let me just add up the votes................sorry lost count, back to the start, I'll be with you shortly..................yep think I've got it now.... Ok I can confirm that the winner received a grand total of precisely ZERO votes - yes that's right readers you ungrateful bunch, not one single vote was cast, I don't know why I bother *kicks over rostrum*, however, as they were good enough to say thank you for their nomination, I have decided that the award* should be given to a most deserving winner, the one and only CALM AS THE COLOUR. Well done gents.

*Disclaimer - There is no actual award, monetary recompense or kudos of any kind!


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