12 February 2012

Found Alive And Well!

Guess who's bizzack!! (little nod to the hip-hop heads there, I got ya homies!)

Yes rejoice readers, your prayers to both divine and demigods have been answered - The Found Of Confusion has returned from a self imposed settee slumber, wiped off the crumbs and popcorn kernels, and logged back in to webland in order to bring you the new music fix you so badly crave!!

Now I can clearly hear you shouting 'more new bands in the offing, yay!' - well not quite yet, lets not get ahead of ourselves, they may well follow, but for the time being you'll have to make do with fresh material from our former featured friends - hope that suffices? Only one way to find out I suppose, bring it on.

Let's crash right in with some BIG news - DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER are now on the shelf marked dormant *gutted face*........ and have been replaced with a brand new project FEMME *delighted face*. The quirky quintet have so far shared two of their creations with the world at large; first came the production line electronica of 'Bring It Back Round', and that has now been supplemented by the B-52's borrowing, dub pop, of 'Who's That'. Interested to find out more? Simply follow the links below.


Bring It Back Round by FEMME


Ok, wallets and purses at the ready, it's time for you to part company with some more of your mula as there are a clutch of singles in the offing that you need to own. Leading the charge are September 'Founders' DEAF CLUB who will follow up their 'Lull EP' with a new track 'Sunday'. Released on February 20th, it's backed by a further as yet unheard recording, 'Mirrors'. The former of the two is here right now!

Deaf Club - Sunday/Mirrors by Deaf Club

You've then got exactly one week to save up your pocket money, before you splurge it all on the boys from ZULU WINTER. 'We Should Be Swimming' is already making ripples (do you get it!) having dived in (there I go again) at the top of the 6music rebel playlist - carry on at the rate they're going and they can forget getting wet, they'll be walking on the water (is there no end to the puns!).

  We Should Be Swimming by Zulu Winter

Now firmly into the routine of setting aside your weekly 'Brilliant Bands Budget' we don't want you scrabbling around for something to blow your dough on come March 5th - thankfully no such problem will arise, because that's the day DISCOPOLIS release their second full single 'Zenithobia'. More chilled out than some of their other work but no less impressive, it's another step towards what promises to be a fantastic album.


And on that note we'll bring this initial Found Of Confusion rebirth to a close - can't have you overdosing on all the excitement! Don't forget if you want to get in touch you are more than welcome to do so via e-mail ( foundofconfusion@hotmail.co.uk ), Google+, or the always reliable comment box just down below.

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