28 July 2011

Found - Blue Lip Feel

I’ll be frank, on the face of it our final founders of July don’t have a great deal going for them, allow me to explain with a concise four point list:

a) They come from the broken side of the Pennies, where everyone talks funny (bad enough in itself)
b) they have rubbish hair - that's poor rockstar form.
c) They have an even more questionable dress sense (I saw pointy boots on one YouTube video....pointy!)
d) Their band name makes no sense at all!

It's to their great credit then that, amazingly, these heinous crimes don't seem nearly as important as they should - because who'd have thought it, BLUE LIP FEEL (what did I tell you!) actually write some really good songs! The young Sheffield quartet have obviously paid attention in their rock and roll classes and are now putting those studies into practice with some on the job shadowing, their 'Shallow GetawayEP coming off like the reincarnation of Thin Lizzy; The Strokes after kidnapping Jack White  for vocal duties; The Verve on uppers or the Kings Of Leon if they were ever any good! On top of that they've only gone and awoken that long lost mythical creature of decades past - a proper guitar solo, woooooo! If this excites you (and why wouldn't it!) you can pick up the EP from their Soundcloud page where you'll also find two further tracks, 'Under My Collar' and 'Rinse Me Down' the latter of which they're in the process of filming a video for. Blue Lip Feel - proof you can overcome even the biggest barriers!

Sideways by bluelipfeel


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26 July 2011

Bite Back - Part 2

Refreshed and raring to go? Your answer had better have been yes because it's time to pick up where we left off on Sunday with more new material from The Found Of Confusion bands featured so far. Here's what the class of April through to June have been doing with their valuable time.


First up we have the band formerly known as Pilots, now seen answering to the name SHIELDS. They are to release the first single under their new handle on the 1st of August, which from counting on my fingers I can tell you is just under one week away! The lead track is called 'Spires' and it's backed by another new song 'Castles,' both of which are below, go buy them!,

SHIELDS 'Spires (Adrian Bushby Mix)' by SHIELDS



CALM AS THE COLOUR next; they've had the camcorder out and shot a video for the excellent 'Rain Must Fall'. Lots of shameless dancing in this video...you'd never catch me doing that, and certainly not for example in a blog post on this site two months previous *walks away whistling* - I'm not at all miffed that their moves are better than mine!!


Quick general news round up now. MAUSI have been in the studio working on their next single before they then jetted off to Italy to film a new video (let's hope it's as fun as the last one which I loved), not a bad life is it. Two more of our bands featured during the 'North East Month' also have new music in the pipeline. RETRIEVER and CULT IMAGE are to release a split single together on or around the 10th of September, with the latter hoping to follow it up with a stand alone release of their own around the same time. Stay tuned to their Facebook if you want more info.


Someone who has already released new material is WASKERLEY WAY. You can pick up the three track Wind Shear EP from his Bandcamp page and here is a little taste of what to expect:

Total Fluke by Waskerley Way


Rounding things off it's the ever interesting DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER who has posted snippets of 4 new tracks that she's been working on. They sound great to me but you can make your own mind up:

Another Set Of Catchy Tunes, Mini Mix by Dimbleby & Capper


That I believe is that, enough to be going on with I'm sure. See you all (well one of you) back here on Thursday for the next new band. Be good.

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24 July 2011

Bite Back - Part 1

A yellow bar is scrolling across the bottom of The Found Of Confusion screen and the presenter is deafening us all with his giddy shout of BREAKING NEWS! Plenty has been happening with our featured bands, so much in-fact that you'll have to digest it in two separate helpings, nobody wants an excitement overdose now do they! Here's the latest from some of January to March's founders:


To kick things off we have SECRET RIVALS who have announced they are releasing a mini-album, Make Do And Mend, on the 12th of September. You can hear some of the tracks that will feature via their Soundcloud page right now:

Panic/Don't Panic by secretrivals


September is going to be a busy month because it's also the time when LANTERNS ON THE LAKE will put out their debut LP, titled 'Gracious Tide, Take Me Home'. The 19th is the date for the release and to wet your appetite have a look at the video for 'You're Almost There', a track which can be downloaded from here

Lanterns on the Lake - You're Almost There from Bella Union on Vimeo.


POLARSETS have been busy touring, and in the process secured themselves a support slot with Two Door Cinema Club so that's not bad going is it! Their single Morning is to be re-released next month by Neon Gold Records and it will come with a new b-side 'Sunset', which sounds like it may be a reworking of previous single Sunshine Eyes. Here is the new tune:

Sunset by Polarsets


We now have more concrete information about releases mentioned in past updates. BLU has previewed a tracklisting for NoYork via a newly created tumblr page. No release date has been given but this move suggests it must be getting closer. LASZLO however has confirmed that his record will get out to the world on the 5th of September (that month again) and will be called 'Radial Nerve'


Even further along in the process are PANDAS AND PEOPLE who are streaming their debut long player 'Grab Everything' and what do you know, you can here it right now:


Last but by no means least come JUKEBOX COLLECTIVE who are also part of the new single club. The Rise and Fall Of Billy The Kid will be available for you to own on the 8th of August.

Jukebox Collective - The Rise And Fall Of Billy The Kid by Jukebox Collective


That's part 1 done but check back soon for what goodies April-June's artists have to offer. Later.

21 July 2011

Found - Polygon Palace

Ready to throw some shapes on the dance floor? Of course you are, but what shape to go for, hmmm *rummages in Play School box*, triangle’s no good, you’ll have someone’s eye out with that; a circle, that'll just roll away; a cube is a bit cumbersome and a square is too square to come to the club in the first place! Tell you what why don’t we take all the best bits shape world has to offer and go with a polygon figure instead, they’re so cool with their, 'I'll be whatever I want', vibe going on!

POLYGON PALACE are a Melbourne duo (Gabriel Crossan and Adam Ferns) who are as quintessentially Australian as Russell Crowe and Olivia Newton John - yep that's right, they’re actually from New Zealand and England respectively, but in their case the maxim: ‘It’s not where you’re from its where you’re at’ is definitely applicable. An unofficial reworking of Cut Copy's 'Hearts On Fire' first brought the band some attention back in 2008, and when a single of Polygon Palace's own (Tokyo Getaway) followed 18 months later it came with the fingerprints of their fellow Melbournites all over it, awash with playful synths and a laidback catchy hook. Further remixes appeared over the course of the next year, marking time before the release last January of their second single 'We Have A Visual'; the musical formula remaining consistent with their previous release but adding some crunching guitars and an electro edge that sets them up as the southern hemisphere's answer to The Whip. The pair are presently studio bound working on new tracks - as well as solo material - and if it's on a par with what's gone before then they'll be the ones sitting on a diamond and looking in very good shape.

Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway by Polygon Palace


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14 July 2011

Found - Daughter

It’s been a while since we packed away the amps in favour of something a little quieter, so this week we’ve Invited DAUGHTER round to sit on the Found Of Confusion couch and strum some tunes for us. Otherwise known as Elena Tonra, Daughter is a singer songwriter from London who released her debut EP - titled ‘His Young Heart’- in mid April. Made up of four tracks, it’s a body of work that is intimate, subtle and at points genuinely affecting. From the desolation of ‘Landfill’, via the resigned longing of ‘Candles’ and on to the soothing sign off that is ‘Switzerland’, each track projects its mood skillfully, with the restrained approach to production working a treat and allowing Tonra’s soft, breathy vocals and confessional lyrics to hog centre stage. Thoughtful and vulnerable, these are the type of songs that could hush a room in moments. At this time there are no clues as to when a follow up will materialise, but for now this EP should be more than enough to be going on with - so if you fancy some soul searching but have lost your Laura Marling CD then look no further than Daughter.



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7 July 2011

Found - The Shutes

It gets a bit parky up north so after 5 weeks huddling together in and around Newcastle you foundees will want some heat wont you? I've got you covered, let's hot foot it to the opposite end of the country...and then a tiny bit further. We're off to the Isle Of Wight, home to a band called THE SHUTES who positively radiate with the healthy glow of balmy summer evenings.

The trio's 'Hits Like Mourning' EP of October past was kaleidoscopic in character, twisting its way through the space rock of The Byrds, the languid majesty of Mercury Rev and the finer points of garage rock and 60's folk and pop. Brand new single 'Noah's Ark' sees the band fuse these elements then fine tune, and the net result is something a bit special; Dipped in psychedelic colours, it's a rejuvenating blast of sugar sweet guitar rock reminiscent of the early singles by The Delays. The main track is complemented ably by the daydream meander of acoustic led flip side ‘Waltz Alone’, and a further demo 'Echo Of Love' surfaced recently giving every indication this is a band who've found their feet and are now kicking on at a pace. Shute(ing) Stars? There's every chance.

Waltz Alone by The Shutes

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6 July 2011

Now That's What I Call Found Of Confusion - Side A

Six Month Soundtrack

Six months down, six months to go! To mark reaching the half way point of this year long challenge I thought I'd recommend a compilation of some of the songs that have been featured thus far. Each track has been lovingly selected and placed in running order to make a playlist for your enjoyment, one which handily* will fit perfectly on the first side of a C90 - you can then save side two for the best of July to December you see!

*Not that handy really is it given nobody has a cassette player any more!

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to be able to give any of these away for free (I was too lazy to ask the bands) but I'm sure if you refer back to previous links, and do some digging, you'll be able to track them down - although even at 79p a pop they'd be a bargain, after all it is a collection that displays exquisite taste ;-)

The chosen few are:

White Knuckle Tight Grip - Sheilds
Sputnik - Tomahawks For Targets
Licking My Feet - Pandas And People
Kiss So Slow - Mausi
Leave Argentina - Polarsets
Do For You - Daniel J Santillan
Haram Haram - Waskerley Way
Beach - Wishing Wars
Mornin' - Star Slinger
See You - The You And Me Ensemble
Lungs Quicken - Lanterns On The Lake
Red Leaves Floating On The Water - Gilbert

Happy hunting and I'll be back tomorrow with July's first band who are........nah you can wait.