29 December 2011

Found - Founds

Do not adjust your peepers compadres, you saw it right the first time, for I do proclaim foundees that the final Found Of Confusion founders are called FOUNDS!* After Polarsets kicked us off in January, fifty two further bands have passed before your ears and now, one axed radio show; many crumpled A4 sheets; a sprinkling of insults; and a worn out thesaurus later, we gather together on one last Thursday to share in some music and round off the show. Here, take a handkerchief to wipe away those inevitable tears from your misty eyes, and now if you please, kindly transfer your gaze to the paragraph below where your final act is ready to perform.

Deep in the sun kissed soul of the southern hemisphere, amongst the bountiful beaches of Australia's eastern coast where surf and weekends singeing 'snags' rule the roost, it's hard to imagine that the snow capped extremities of Northern Europe would garner even a seconds thought. Yet listen closely, and you might just be surprised by what you hear, because hand in hand with cross city neighbours Little Scout, Brisbane based Founds are bringing a snapshot of Scandinavia to the sandy seafronts. In the eighteen months since their inception, the four parts male, two parts female, sextet, have previewed a smattering of tracks that are atmospheric without being aimless; fey but not flimsy. Shared half way through the year, 'Holograms' is a prime example of their art; a mellow Beach House aping intro, with all the right twinkles and sense of yearning, lays the groundwork for the drums and violins to swoop in and lift the melody up on their shoulders for a sprint to the finish. 'Caves' begins in equally restrained fashion, with only a light dusting of piano notes and a lonely vocal to it's name, but as the noise level ramps up and it threatens to build to something hugely climactic, there comes an unexpected and brilliant side step, with a cannibalistic drum beat leading the band into a chanted chorus, before the song then returns to the intended path for a soaring middle eight and a teasingly premature departure. With an album 'Hadean' nearing completion (thanks to the assistance of The Middle East producer Mark Myers), it could be that these Aussies are sat on one of the first great records of 2012; like all the best discoveries, these finders should definitely be keepers.

* I'm far more pleased with that sentence than I really should be!

Caves by Founds



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25 December 2011

Found - Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger

*Pad, Pad, Pad*, that's the sound of my latest pair of novelty slippers crossing the living room to the table, where I'll be faced with the tough choice of tasty turkey or a Curly Wurly from my selection box - IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY! Now I know you think that you've opened all your presents, but if you kick that crumpled pile of wrapping paper out of the way and peer round the side of the tree, you'll see one more box hiding...yep there, with the blue and white paper...pick it up and read the tag: 'To reader, with love from The Found Of Confusion xxx'. Go on, don't be shy you can open it.....SURPRISE...I got you another band to listen too, how brilliant is that!!

Of all the newborn musical messiahs to emerge blinking into the light this year, they'll be few better suited to this day of cracker bangs, party popper streamers and wonky primary colour hats, than Portland, Oregon's electropop wizards NINJA TURTLE NINJA TIGER. The trio, centred around hardcore habanero chomping* frontman Dustin Brown, have just completed work on their debut studio album, a record that, if it pursues the blueprint set out by it's quartet of lead up demos, will be a feast of fluorescent frivolity and pack as much kick as even the most piquant pepper. Amassed around firecracker drum patterns and crunching synths, came two examples of the sonic repercussions should anyone ever let Mario Balotelli play with his rockets in a paint pot factory. '..This City's Fallin' served up exactly the sort of exuberant, iridescent pop that saw MGMT and The Naked And Famous prosper; it's momentum building refrain crying out to be adopted by an elated crowd for a communal chanting session. 'Spinning On Fire' meanwhile is a track raised to know it's Manners - of the Passion Pit variety, and if 'The Reeling' ever wants a twin brother to step into its shoes then it need look no further. Not content to accept a supporting role the guitar grabs the spotlight on a third demo 'Vines, Baby'; picture the All Around The World In A Day Prince locked in a room with Empire Of The Sun and you'll end up in the right ball (paisley) park. Bringing up the rear in order rather than content came 'The Climb', a song set apart from it's predecessors by the presence of afrobeat percussion rolls and a softer chorus that slips through in the fashion of Phoenix; it's a more sedate affair but no worse for it. Visual and vibrant, Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger are the bright lights heading for the top of the tree.

*Look them up on YouTube, all will become clear.

Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger - Spinning On Fire by ninjaturtleninjatiger


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22 December 2011

Found - Good Dangers

('Tis the days before Christmas and all is quiet)

................ Oh no!!......*scampering footsteps*...sorry readers! I was so caught up in rooting around under the bottom of the tree and prodding the presents that I completely forgot I had a blog to do! I am good at guessing what's beneath the wrapping paper though. This year there's a parcel that's long and thin and goes: triangle..dip..triangle..dip..triangle..dip - you know exactly like those huge Toblerone they sell - well I just know it's going to be a hand made sculpture of the Alps, hope I'm not disappointed!! Anyway, before the festivities get into full swing, and your mother commandeers the stereo for her sing along to 'Cliffs Chronic Christmas Covers Volume 278', lets take a moment to sit back and appreciate some shiny tinsel topped creations from the house of GOOD DANGERS.

In this instance 'house' is as much a nod to bricks and mortar as it is to the parlance of haute couture, because for this London based five piece it's the humble home that fulfils the role of makeshift studio; and whilst laying down licks in the living room normally screams, 'lo-fi looming', you'd be hard pushed to spot the simplicity of the surroundings that have spawned Good Dangers music in any of their output to date. Admittedly that back catalogue is not yet extensive; the band only have one official release to their name, 'So Unkind', which debuted in June as one half of a split single shared with equally promising Australian newbies Peppercorn. Though on the surface that track would pass as one of the clan in the Two Door Cinema Club family songbook, deep down it has indie disco deities in it's DNA; the lead guitar line walks the same Smiths hewn trail followed by The Incredible Flight Of Birdman, and the 'ah come on' in the chorus would surely raise a knowing smile from Jarvis Cocker, it's him all over. If you need more to go on than one tune then worry not, because there are a clutch of demos out there to also be enjoyed. 'Beat Of Your Heart' bounds with the infectious enthusiasm we loved in Big Wave Riders, and 'Brasilia' pushes keyboards front and centre to its great benefit, but it's 'Abigail' that really sits at the top of the pile; sounding like it could have danced straight off the recent albums from Cut Off Your Hands or TPOBPAH, it's a gladdeningly innocent and hopeful helping of chiming guitar pop that will have you smiling from now until...well at least Christmas! Remember that message drummed in to you as a kid about never ignoring the danger signs? Heed it now, you wouldn't want to miss something important.

Good Dangers 'Abigail' by friendsoffrenetics


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15 December 2011

Found - Leopard Of Honour

I've not put this LEOPARD OF HONOUR disc in my Sega Dreamcast yet, but I can just tell it's going to be a game and a half! It's probably not one of those where you speed about on a toadstool or curl up in a ball and pocket gold rings, but it's bound to be a damn sight better than dressing up as a leprechaun and spending four years walking through a forest looking for a fictional orb! No, I'm picturing a kung-fu cat on the African savanna, who - in order to avenge his fathers death, obviously - earns his spots and then gets all Shaolin on the naughty springboks and wildebeest; Wooooo, bring it on!!......I'll just put the disc in like so......... ahem, It would seem that I didn't read the box, this is an audio CD ......*twiddles thumbs*

Alright, Leopard Of Honour may not have you frantically mashing X and Y or wobbling on a Wii board, but the technophiles amongst us need not despair as the syntax of sound shaping software runs right through the core of the Mancunian producers writing process; and if there's a rockstar lifestyle lying in wait then he plans to reach it by playing games within the electronic arts. The man behind the jungle cat name is David Roocroft, who after becoming tired of doing online reviews for sub par experimental records, decided to take to his laptop and show the rest how it really should be done. The outcome of his sequencing and sampling are a handful of tracks that owe a debt to New York's discotheques; the vision of Arthur Baker; the British artists who observed and then interpreted the scene; and the little lady that led them all out from the clubs and into the worlds living rooms. What this isn't however, is a bland retro reenactment. The influence of Depeche Mode and New Order may be apparent on 'Palais Royal-Blue' but the tracks vocodered vocals are straight from the modern handbook of hip-hop. Similarly while 'Good Wives' might model itself on Madonna's 'Into The Groove' the overall look is embellished by the type of production quirks Kanye West flirted with on '808's & Heartbreak'. Even 'House Of Palms' with it's Funkadelic forms doesn't feel dated, thanks to a beefy beat and a harmonic melody that looks on in dazed wonder as the lights of the glitter ball strut through the dry ice. You know on reflection I don't think we need that console after all; drop the controllers readers, turn up the Leopard and 'Just Dance'.

Leopard Of Honour - House of Palms by JonAlt-Stoked


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11 December 2011

Sunday Sounds No. 2

Looky here, even more new music has been emanating from the magnificent minds of our erstwhile Found Of Confusion feature artists, and on such occasions it falls upon me to do my bit and pass their cracking compositions on to you, the loyal reader - so tuck in!


Racing to the front of the 'have some new music folks' queue are INTERNET FOREVER who have announced that they will be releasing their first full length record this coming February. The eponymous album contains twelve tracks, three of which they've been kind enough to preview already; and that's not the end to their generosity, no sir, as you can acquire Break Bones for free from their Website for the meagre sum of just a 'tweet' or a 'like' - can't say fairer than that!

Internet Forever, Break Bones from Tom Blyth on Vimeo.

Centre Of Your Universe by Internet Forever

3D by Internet Forever


If you can't wait until the second month to spend your Christmas dosh then you're in luck, because you'll be able to send some of it SECRET RIVALS way on January 16th. That's the day the Oxford quartet release their brand new double a-side single, 'Once More With Heart'/'I Know Something'. The video for the former is below and it's a typically thrilling audio conniption, but if you prefer a slightly more sedate pace then you're catered for too, as you can download Alphabet Backwards' great remix for free right here.


If that's got your blood flowing and your rock and roll thirst needs further quenching then don't panic, BLUE LIP FEEL have got this one. The Sheffield lads this week added two new tracks to their Soundcloud page, 'Make You Love This' and 'Velvet Cape'. Both tracks tick the box of a band with big stage bravado in their blood, so take the chance of catching them at more intimate venues while you can.

Make you love this by Bluelipfeel

Velvet Cape by Bluelipfeel


Last of all for today are recent 'Founders' ZULU WINTER, who this week went into the studio to continue work or their much anticipated debut album. I don't have any new tracks from that for you, but they were considerate enough to re-upload 'Silver Tongue' a few days ago, and as you didn't get to hear it first time round, here it is for your grooving pleasure now:

Silver Tongue by Zulu Winter


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8 December 2011

Found - Friends

Amigos; Homies; Muckers, Cobbers: all acceptable ways to address your friends.....if you have some, which - going by the dust amassing on the 'foundees' box to the right, or the tumbleweed that keeps sticking its tongue out at us on Google+ - this blog does not. Why we're the billy no mates of blog land is a bit of a puzzler, after all we keep introducing you to our achingly cool rockstar acquaintances, and personally I think we look pretty fine in our black and gold threads, white bobble hat, and yellow and blue kicks. Hmm maybe it's those rumours The Sound Of Confusion spread about us...which weren't true!!! Anyway we're bound to attract some new hombres this week after we hang out with the most popular kids on the block...

......Not that you'd necessarily know that's what they were at first glance. Contrarily for a band with a communal tilt to their name, Brooklyn's FRIENDS aren't going out of their way to accumulate buddies or bring the public into their gang. Look hard but you wont find a Facebook, Twitter or Bandcamp, nor any other of the habitual haunts inhabited by breakout bands. What they do have though is a moniker conducive to attracting YouTube hits, and as their video counter whirs ever upwards, so it would seem does there stock, with the springboard to their surging popularity being the quintet's aptitude for creating alternative pop tracks that are minimal in their construction but abundant in attitude. Nothing fits that description more confidently than 'I'm His Girl'; Samantha Urbani mimicking the street corner strut of the baseline with a sassy, swagger Neneh Cherry exuded in her pomp; the rapped rebuttal to love rivals prompting recollections of Lindy Layton laying down the law on Dub Be Good To Me. Rhythm also provided the central pillar for earlier single Friend Crush; on that occasion the stripped back, detached signature style of Warpaint was scrawled across the track, but it was the b-side accompanying that release that is perhaps the most intriguing of Friends recordings to date. Listening to 'Feelin Dank' is like wandering into a deserted multi-storey car park and stumbling upon a cypher, where the resident beatboxers are lending their skills to a rehearsing girl group doing their best impression of The Crystals - it's naive, rough around the edges, and all in all absolutely great! Add into the mix a hot to trot cover of Ghost Town's 'My Boo' and it's clear that pop is in safe hands, while for us...well with Friends like these who needs anything else.

Friends - I'm His Girl by LuckyNumberMusic


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3 December 2011

Up On The Clouds No. 2

As the clouds outside start to take on a grey, foreboding presence, so the nimbostratus over Soundcloud also lingers heavy in the air.....heavy with great new songs that is!.....and that's quite possibly the worst link I've ever written isn't it.....we better just move on to the music, and let me tell you these tunes are raining melody!...oops there I go again:


Untroubled by the pending precipitation are SPACE FIGHT who, from their lofty position above the globe, have been busy sprucing up their website and introducing themselves to the passing public of YouTube. In between battling for the universe they've also found time to pop into an intergalactic studio and record a new track by the name of Strange Land, which documents their fascinating discovery of a brand new planet....no I'm lying, it doesn't at all - great song though!

Strange Land by Space Fight


Inevitably the arrival of bad weather will also signal the complete collapse of our permanently punctual, state of the art, train service. If you feel the desire to soundtrack that moment when you're stood freezing for two hours on a bitter York platform, (with only Burger King litter for company as they've taken away all the bins!) then what better way to do so than with VIOLET YOUTH and their re-recorded version of 'Delays'. Attempting to air mimic the added keyboard will also alleviate the chances of your frozen fingers dropping off!

Delays by Violet Youth


A further way to combat the cold is to draw upon the power of imagination. When the outside world is doing it's best impression of a shouting freezer, why not whack up the heating and allow your mind to lead you to more hospitable surroundings. Thoughtfully, CALM AS THE COLOUR have penned just the track to help you with this feat of cosy self-delusion; stick 'Velvet Sunburst' on nice and loud, and it's sunny disposition will have you lounging with The Byrds amongst the greenery of Laural Canyon faster than you can say, 'Crosby pass me an ice pop'.

Velvet sunburst by calmasthecolour


Of course if it ends up like last winter then one song alone wont be enough for your cerebrum to keep the chilly conditions at bay - but that's where the prolific SUMMER HEART comes in; he's back with another new track, one that will have your brain packed off to bathe in the blue waters of the Balearic's. The trademark waves of warm electronica are joined by an acid house backing beat to make 'It's Been A While' one of Mr Heart's best creations yet, and your passport to 'that happy place'

It's Been A While by SUMMER HEART


So there you go a survival guide in the form of song, no need to thank me.....no, actually there is, you owe me big time found fans!! See you on Thursday.

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1 December 2011

Found - Zulu Winter

Ah..Ah...Achoo! Yep it's that stage of year again; the time of streetlights, sneezes and snugly fitting snoods. It's hard to believe that twelve months have lapsed since the infamous 'Torrent of Trouble' that rocked the Found Of Confusion's sleepy neighbourhood. The horror unfolded when bunches of feral kids took it upon themselves to construct shambolic igloos, and then send snowballs arcing through the sky in the defence of their structures. Many were too fall, and when teatime was called and parents emerged to survey the welly and bobble hat strewn battlefield, one was heard to sob: 'If only they'd headed our warning to stop chucking those bloody spheres!', wise words indeed. The camcorder footage hits cinemas next year under the banner ZULU WINTER - well that's if the band will lend us their name of course.

In this instance luck may be on our side, as the London quintet should be far too busy over the coming months to bother with the hassle of getting tangled up in a naming rights quibble; big things are being predicted for the band in 2012, and on the strength of the tracks they've debuted thus far, it's not difficult to see why. Circulated in the summer, a demo 'Silver Tounge' set the buzz ball rolling, as a snake hipped baseline, beatific breakdown and build up section, and impossibly high pitched backing vocals, linked up to deliver a fully formed offspring of Friendly Fires fav's 'Lovesick' and 'Pala'. Appetites wet, autumn brought the release of a debut double a-side single. 'Let's Go Back To Front' shared the foundation stones of it's forerunner, the bright and buoyant, glockenspiel speckled verses laying the groundwork for an all hands to the pump crescendo. 'Never Leave' though was a more tempestuous affair, the celestial interlude being flanked by a dark rumbling drum roll reminiscent of White Lies, plus a vocal from Will Daunt that, while sharing much in style with those of Chris Martin, was executed with far more bite than the Coldplay man can ever muster. A recent radio session for BBC Six Music introduced two further new tracks, one of which was notable for it's chorus claim that: 'you deserve better, sweetheart' - well I've bad news for the subject of that affection; on this form better may be tough to find!

Let's Move Back to Front by Zulu Winter


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