29 December 2011

Found - Founds

Do not adjust your peepers compadres, you saw it right the first time, for I do proclaim foundees that the final Found Of Confusion founders are called FOUNDS!* After Polarsets kicked us off in January, fifty two further bands have passed before your ears and now, one axed radio show; many crumpled A4 sheets; a sprinkling of insults; and a worn out thesaurus later, we gather together on one last Thursday to share in some music and round off the show. Here, take a handkerchief to wipe away those inevitable tears from your misty eyes, and now if you please, kindly transfer your gaze to the paragraph below where your final act is ready to perform.

Deep in the sun kissed soul of the southern hemisphere, amongst the bountiful beaches of Australia's eastern coast where surf and weekends singeing 'snags' rule the roost, it's hard to imagine that the snow capped extremities of Northern Europe would garner even a seconds thought. Yet listen closely, and you might just be surprised by what you hear, because hand in hand with cross city neighbours Little Scout, Brisbane based Founds are bringing a snapshot of Scandinavia to the sandy seafronts. In the eighteen months since their inception, the four parts male, two parts female, sextet, have previewed a smattering of tracks that are atmospheric without being aimless; fey but not flimsy. Shared half way through the year, 'Holograms' is a prime example of their art; a mellow Beach House aping intro, with all the right twinkles and sense of yearning, lays the groundwork for the drums and violins to swoop in and lift the melody up on their shoulders for a sprint to the finish. 'Caves' begins in equally restrained fashion, with only a light dusting of piano notes and a lonely vocal to it's name, but as the noise level ramps up and it threatens to build to something hugely climactic, there comes an unexpected and brilliant side step, with a cannibalistic drum beat leading the band into a chanted chorus, before the song then returns to the intended path for a soaring middle eight and a teasingly premature departure. With an album 'Hadean' nearing completion (thanks to the assistance of The Middle East producer Mark Myers), it could be that these Aussies are sat on one of the first great records of 2012; like all the best discoveries, these finders should definitely be keepers.

* I'm far more pleased with that sentence than I really should be!

Caves by Founds



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  1. Are you really finishing here then? Does this mean you might write a bit more for the proper blog? ;)

  2. Yep in the face of an overwhelming abscence of public demand, the F.O.C is calling it a day.

    Hopefully I'll write a bit more for the proper blog next year..but then I don't know if The Recommender will have me :-p

  3. Superb job Andy & thanks for so many excellent Founds. Best wishes for 2012 - Chris

  4. Best wishes to you too mate. Thanks very much for taking the time to read/listen and i'm glad there were some tunes that you liked. I'll be keeping an eye on most of the bands and might post the occasional update on Google+ so feel free to keep an eye on that every so often (click on the red 'G' up near the top right hand side). Ta for the kind words.