16 February 2012

Found - Fonetiks

Remember when wannabe pre-teen comics used to raise fits of giggles with these corking gags? 'Why did they make Dyslexia so difficult to spell?', 'Why does Phonetics start with a Ph?', hehe hoho..NO! As you can clearly see neither joke is funny. For starters Dyslexia isn't THAT hard to spell, and in fact its minimal complexity allows it to double up as a catching agent for those it afflicts - winner! As for the second gag, well it quite obviously shows a distinct lack of understanding of not only the breadth of linguistic science, but also the multifarious nuances that lie there in - these eight year old humorists are idiots I tell you!! If however you're determined to spell life out just as it sounds, then you're in luck because the Found Of Confusion has the very band for you.

They go by the name of FONETIKS, a trio from the city of Liverpool whose studies into the subtleties of sound formation are starting to pay handsome dividends. Armed with guitars, drums and a hard drive jammed full of effects, these occasional remixers and goodtime gig promoters, have concocted a clutch of their own tracks that fly in the face of what the world has come to expect to hear emanating from Merseyside’s music circles; shuffling, sixties tinged, psychedelia, has been shunned in favour of the type of racket that’s more likely to find acceptance back along the East Lancs Road in the parish of Manchester. There's no clearer example of their sonic direction than on the six minute slice of brooding indie electro that is 'Sounds Like'; a pulsing base beat, perpetual hi-hat, and reverberating guitar line, feed off each other to create the same brand of menacing grooves that inhabited the debut LP from The Longcut. Nor is it a one off; 'Viscious Sirens' follows the form to a tee, all be it in ever so slightly lighter tones, its high voltage visage recalling the better moments of Sumner and Marr's Electronic, or even the short window of time when U2 took a sabatical from s***ness and dropped in at the Discotheque. With a third track 'Antelope' taking its lead from the chaoitc clammer of Three Trapped Tigers, and a recent suppot slot to Found Of Confusion alumni Discopolis to boast about, it's clear that Fonetiks have talent and taste - normally I advise that you keep an eye on a band, but on this occasion there should be no need to spell it out.

Vicious Sirens by fonetiks


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P.S. please also note, The Found Of Confusion fully understands the nature of Dyslexia and is full of admiration for those who live with it.

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