23 February 2012

Found - Solar-Systems

Space: The Final Frontier: an awe inspiring, vast, expanse, that holds mysteries beyond our comprehension....well certainly mine at least, because no matter how often I tune into Stargazing Live (melting with admiration in the face of Professor Brian Cox's soothing lilt and luscious locks) it still boggles my mind in every possible way. Yes I know the basics - Saturn likes to hula hoop; Pluto's been left out in the cold; everything is named after chocolate bars, and that in some galaxy far far away Wimpy's flagship building project has been vandalised twice by Jedi's - but aside from that I'm lost. Luckily for the immediate prospects of this post, my lack of Astronomical intellect hasn't precluded me from knowing a little about the SOLAR-SYSTEMS located closer to home.

This as yet virtually uncharted constellation, has been shaped through the alignment of two particularly bright stars - London producer Dreamtrak, and a singer by the name of Laura Wolf. The latter should be ringing bells amongst our more loyal readers, as Miss Wolf is the voice of past Found Of Confusion featurerererers Internet Forever, and with her premier projects album all boxed up and waiting for release (plug: review of it here) the southern chanteuse can now turn her attention to other ventures. In Solar-Systems case what that entails is making the type of tracks that usually get the wise heads at Kitsune nodding approvingly. 'Throw Your Hands Up' is a feel good, generation ecstasy, club anthem; its plink plonking piano chorus emulating the kind of crowd pleasing 45's that would litter Danny Rampling's record box as Shroom or Heaven. On 'Josephine' the mood shifts more towards seductive and illusory, we're in Nottee or Jolie Cherie's dream-weaving house territory here, and, given the infrequency of those pairs excellent releases, it's a trip that's most welcome. Pick of the pack though may well be 'The Sea Of Green'; the water themed title replicated by ripples of synths, that in turn flow into a mid section dripping with horns and strings akin to those frequently employed by Spanish beat blenders Delorean - resplendent in sun drenched rays this is music that's healthy for the soul! Space is simple really, the Moon orbits the Earth, the Earth orbits the Sun - any more tracks like these though and we could all be turning Solar-Systems way soon.

Throw Your Hands Up by Solarsystems

The Sea Of Glass by Solarsystems


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  1. Hey, throw your hands is fantastic.
    Love it.
    I think u should like that track : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT4o4npkEHk

    And thanks for the comparaison. That's very cool !

    1. Hello! Glad you like Solar-Systems, I wouldn't want to disappoint by comparing you to something you hated - phew crisis averted! And thanks for the video, I hadn't heard that before but I really enjoyed it, nice and upbeat.