8 April 2012

Easter Treats!

Happy Easter readers! I'll level with you, I've got a football match to watch, a Sunday roast to demolish and a load of yummy milk chocolate eggs waiting to be mistreated by my mucky paws, so lets just keep this latest round up squarely to the point - ready, set, go!


Treat number one comes from ZULU WINTER, because this week they went and sneaked out a pristinely polished version of 'Silver Tongue', the demo track that had originally caused the blog world to sit up and take notice. This is the second single to be taken from their debut album due in mid May, so have a listen to the improved version below and then go and pick it up through ITunes.

Silver Tongue by Zulu Winter


Speaking of albums, Tasmanians TIGER CHOIR are finally gearing up for a proper release of their great debut record Unicycles, which comes out on June 1st. By way of an introduction to the LP the band have shot the below video, for the opening track 'Ephemeral City', to give a taster of what to expect from the record - which will also include 'Vultures', one of this blogs 25 tracks of last year.


Releasing full length debuts must be all the rage right now, because, as was previously mentioned, SUMMER HEART has his first LP dropping at the tail end of this month. The thing is though he doesn't want you to have that alone, hence why he's uploaded his COMPLETE back catalogue of EP's to Soundcloud and made each track available for free! That must have taken a while for all those megabytes to process, but he put the spare time to fine use by recording this cover of 'Third Wave' by Work Drugs, which is, you guessed it, free to own.

Third Wave by SUMMER HEART


As Easter Sunday is very much a day of PEACE it's only right we give the Birmingham boys a mention don't you think? They've now shared the official video for the excellent 'Follow Baby' and there's good news - this one differs from it's predecessor in that it doesn't try to hypnotise or kill the viewer, that's good progress lads, well done! Instead what we get is the band and some attractive ladies, rolling around in a landscape that, may or may not be, a big bowl of strawberry Angel Delight or a field made of candy floss - I'll let you decide.


Finally we rendezvous with THE BILINDA BUTCHERS, who have called in the assistance of Kristine Capua, from most recent Founders Tiny Fireflies, to provide additional vocals on a brand new song 'Hai bby'. Available to download for nothing from here (in part one of the beko 100 collection), the track is exactly the sort of dream-drawing dalliance we've come to adore from the Californian duo. Appetites well whetted, bring on that second EP!

hai bby ft. tiny microphone by the bilinda butchers


Well that's it, I can resist no longer, those eggs are coming to an unfortunate end right this minute! See you on Thursday readers, for a new band... and possibly a bout of chocolate sickness.


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