5 April 2012

Found - Tiny Fireflies

Aside from tucking into a triple decker ice-cream sundae with nuts and toffee sauce, undoubtedly the BEST thing about last weeks unseasonable heatwave, was having the opportunity to lounge in the garden without being molested by winged warriors and blood thirsty bugs. We're not talking wiggly worms or flutterbys here people, no this is a reference to the Wasp's, Midge's and gargantuan flying beetle monsters, that rock up every summer determined to wreck a tanning session with their chomping teeth and pointy tails! Well this year it's war, know this bugs and insects; should you flit over the fence you will then be in my domain and as such will be chased and flapped at till my legs and arms fall off - be warned!

Battle lines established, it should be made clear that this sweeping threat doesn't quite extend to all aerial arrivals, because here in the grounds of casa Found Of Confusion there's sure to be a warm welcome extended to a pair of TINY FIREFLIES. The hovering and glowing duo are Chicago residents Kristine Capua and Lisle Mitnik, who are primarily recognisable as two fifths of indie pop outfit Very Truly Yours. Band downtime being what is however, the creative couple each set to work on solo material, before then opting to pool the projects under one banner and test their combined talents in the fields of new wave and dreampop. Debuting with a three song compilation for the Eardrumpop label in October 2010, Tiny Fireflies properly announced their presence with the release of last years four track 'Change' EP. Flush with twinkling melodies; slipper-soft, tiptoeing beats; and apportional vocals, the charming collection shared much in manner with the output of recent tour mates Memoryhouse, while the mellow movements of opener 'Your Love' enabled it to weave the sort of seductive spell that's become synonymous with Still Corners. Now allied to the serially spot on Cloudberry Records, the band last month released a split single hand in hand with Lily Of The Valley, and the endearingly positive lead track 'Picture Perfect' picked up where Changes closing number 'We Made A Pact' left off, wrapping the chilly, pop, synths of Selebrities in a fresh fluffy towel, then plonking them down in front of the fire with a mug of warm milk! You know, when you think about it, insects are a lot like people; some try to get under your skin, others tend to buzz around your head - Tiny Fireflies will do both, but watch them closely and you'll simply be left remembering how they lit up your night.

Tiny Fireflies - Holding Pattern by EardrumsPop


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