12 April 2012

Found - Jubilants

♪ Advance Australia fair!!! ♪ Ahem, got caught up in the moment there. These regular stopovers for The Found Of Confusion in the behemoth of the Oceanic region have stirred a sense of patriotism and paternal pride towards the outback nation - it's important to stress that this fondness is in no way an attempt to curry favour with the young ladies we fancy off Neighbours*, no sir not at all!....*wink*.......Anyway, having frequented Brisbane as if it were a second home, dropped by Melbourne twice, and tipped up at both Hobart and Perth, it's surprising to see one (sorry Adelaide you don't count) glaring omission when we hold high our Australian musical map - look, there's a great big hole in the space where Sydney should be! Well, get the sticky tape and patching paper out, that oversight is about to be remedied!

The knights in New South Wales shining armour, riding to the salvation of their countries flagship city, are none other than indie-pop impresarios , JUBILANTS. Infuriatingly though the rescue mission has been not so much a revolution rousing gallop, but more a sedate Sunday pony trek, with stops for refreshments, sunbathing and any other distraction you care to envisage! Back in March of last year, the quartet appeared set to storm the music industry ramparts when debut single 'Antics' rocketed up The Hype Machine chart, but what's followed was....well, nothing really, as things got more attritional and a patient wait began to see whether or not that initial promise could be backed up through subsequent material. Exactly 365 days on from that first release the answer came, and there was a collective mopping of brows when it turned out that, not only had the first effort been matched, they'd actually stepped their game up a notch. With it's springy, Two Door Cinema Club, guitar hooks, woo hoo'd backing vocals and unashamedly pop chorus, 'Antics' was like a fresh faced indie kid, giddily throwing shapes on the dancefloor with a care free abandon. New single 'Spain' though plays things cooler; we're viewing the scene through the gaze of a more seasoned and worldly companion, who's been there, done it, and is now content to watch from the sidelines - still with a twinkle in the eye, but a cautious heart to protect. The guitars remain light on their feet and the anthemic attributes stay in tact, but as Balearic flavoured synths, akin to those adopted by Polaresets, billow and break around a maudlin vocal, the prevailing mood is reflective rather than go-getting - and it's all the better for it. Two songs down, two big ticks on the page - let's just hope we don't have to wait a full year for the next one!

*Although if they do want to wed me then that would be nice.

Antics by Jubilants


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