19 May 2011

Found - Calm As The Colour

Now I can really empathise with our next band CALM AS THE COLOUR, where they call home is a stone’s throw from me in the grand geographical scheme, and as such I think I know what the summer experience encompasses for them. The sun beams in through the window with its ‘come play with me’ eyes, luring you out into it’s warm embrace, only to be cancelled out the minute you step outside by a biting sea wind and a swarm of midges feasting on parts of the body you didn’t even know existed! This annual farce doesn’t seem to have deterred these Fife lads though who have put together a bunch of tracks that share more in spirit with Sydney than St Andrews, Brisbane than Burntisland and Perth than...err Perth. ‘Rain Must Fall’ and ‘Good Morning Lassitude’ are pure goodtime 60 influenced guitar pop in the vein of The Hollies and The Lovin’ Spoonful while Ticket to Liberty’ is The La’s knocking out a cover of ‘Elephant Stone’ one afternoon down the park. The biggest stumbling block these ‘founders’ face?...the sun sticking around long enough for them to write a full album, it might be time to relocate boys!

The Rain Must Fall by Foundofconfusion


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