5 May 2011

Found - Oregon Bike Trails

This month The Found Of Confusion is hitting the best holiday spots and getting sand between its toes - grab your bucket and spade!

If you hope to bring the spirit of California to the beaches of Bournemouth, Blackpool, Bridlington and (in my case) Belhaven this summer then you could do a lot worse than let OREGON BIKE TRAILS commandeer your campfire CD player. When The Drums invited everyone to go surfing back in 2009, they kick started a new appreciation for the lighter side of 60’s American culture and we’ve been awash with ‘surf pop’ releases ever since. Riding the crest of this wave better than most is Santa Monica’s Zach Yudin who’s been prolific in the early part of this year. On Deep Sea Diver’, ‘A Summer Thing’ and ‘High School Lover’ he positions himself firmly in The Beach Boys domain, all be it in a more lo-fi fashion, but as fun as that is of even more interest is his latest effort ‘Come On, Come On’ which, while cut from the same cloth as the preceding tracks, has a little hint of The Go! Team about it. If he continues to explore that avenue and diversify he could be the one left gliding to the shore when the musical tide turns.

Oregon Bike Trails - "High School Lover" by One Thirty BPM

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