26 May 2011

Found - Daniel J Santillan

So far during holiday month we’ve catered for the active, the chilled and the dreamers, but there’s a sizable chunk of the population who prefer a bit more bounce to their beach break and they find it by taking to the European circuit for parties on the peninsula. Someone has to supply an anthem that can snapshot their summer and with Russ Chimes still applying the finishing touches to his EP and Alex Metric’s tag team with Ian Brown proving sadly underwhelming, club land could be in need of a rescue mission – so step out of the shadows DANIEL J SANTILLAN. Los Angeles based Santillan (or DJ $ex as he goes by on MySpace) normally passes his time as one third of Knight Stalker, but in his spare moments he’s shown that, despite some vocal limitations, he can turn his hand to moulding some neat chunks of electro house. 3 tracks surfaced last year - Do You, Regina and Facade - and whether or not anymore will follow is anyone’s guess (a low key web presence suggests he plays his cards close to his chest) but given what he’s produced so far it would be a shame if there’s no more studio time in the offing. Come on Daniel, Ibiza depends on you.

Find him here:


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