11 May 2011

Found - Wishing Wars

Tomorrow I'm becoming better acquainted with the British railway network and as such I'll have no access to the information-super-inter-world-wide-highway-web-net, SO out of the goodness of my beating heart I'm giving away this weeks Found one whole day early - celebrate! This post is brought to you by the letter W..


The get up and go of the west coast of America isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, so if you prefer to stage your fantasy in more tropical and idyllic surroundings WISHING WARS may be able to help you on your way. His - it is purely a one man project - Swim EP has been pigeonholed as ‘Chillwave’ (the most meaningless genre name ever) and ‘Sandlegaze’ (which is actually pretty good and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it!), but as I’m feeling left out I’m going to ignore both of those and invent my own pointless niche – Coastbliss!

The laid back productions on show are the perfect soundtrack for a happy beach-ball, wiling away its days in a carefree fashion, bobbing across the sands, only picking up pace occasionally to knock over a child’s ice cream or film a Bounty advert. If you need a more lucid clue as to the musical direction look no further than William Orbit’s ‘Pure Shores’ collaboration with All Saints, or the playful serenity of Air France. Two new tracks, Far Away and Dive In, have been previewed via the Wishing Wars Facebook page (along with improved versions of two of the Swim EP tracks) and they’re probably his best work yet which all augurs well for future material.....and the Coastbliss reputation!

Wishing Wars- Swim by SFMO Blog


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