11 August 2011

Found - Prince Ea

'PRINCE EA - He's In The Game!'

err just in case you didn't read that in the correct voice, that was supposed to be a play on the classic 'EA Sports' intro.... emm which you may have to YouTube if you haven't heard it .....only in this case 'game' refers to the street vernacular for the hip hop industry, it's best to explain that...oh and also the A in Mr Prince's name is silent so don't say that bit... *sigh*...this intro has gone badly wrong hasn't it.

A 22 year old MC from St Louis, Missouri, Prince Ea seized his opportunity to shine by entering, and winning, a competition run by respected Hip-Hop publication 'VIBE magazine'. Now with a foot in the door, the self confessed nerd is embarking on a quest to 'Make SMART* Cool' and bring intelligence, insight and integrity back to the mainstream rap world. A series of YouTube promotional videos have demonstrated the aspiring rapper is certainly equipped with the skills to help make his goal a reality, with Prince proving adept at mixing flows ('2011 MC Showcase'), showing staggering lyrical dexterity (The Brain) and carrying it all off with a welcome blend of humour and self confidence (2009 Flashback). Gaining the backing of established voices such as Black Thought (The Roots) and Immortal Technique, the buzz behind the young artist is growing quickly and with a couple of mixtapes already to his name, Prince Ea is now back to the notepad drafting new material to put towards his debut album - if you're one of the smart ones you'll be looking out for it.

*SMART is an acronym for 'Sophisticating Minds And Revolutionising Thought'


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