18 August 2011

Found - Sleepy Panda Club

On days when the remote control went walkabout, The Really Wild Show and those irritating Blue Peter appeals had bored British kids believe that Panda's were rare and ever dwindling in numbers - yet here they are turning up in this blog twice in a matter of months, explain that one away if you can BBC! Disconcerting as it may be to remember how the CBBC schedulers tried to spoil our afternoons, SLEEPY PANDA CLUB are readdressing the balance by writing tunes that will make you feel like you're running out for playtime all over again. That they've chosen a name that summarises primary school afternoons - a quick snooze during a game of heads down thumps up, followed by a bottle of Panda Cola and an Orange Club biscuit on the walk home - only adds to the thrill.

Still very much in their formative stage, this septet from the welsh hills appear to have the happy knack of creating rousing pop that comes with an ingrained spirit of adventure and excitement. 'Black Rose Foundation' begins with a mariachi meets wild west gunslinger intro, before giving way to Motown hand claps, T-Rex glam rock and 60's girl group posturing. 'Light Up The Blue' appears chart ready, sporting the pop sensibilities of Alphabeat and a healthy respect for the 80's, working in a bit of The Bangles and the chorus from '99 Red Balloons'. If you're not sold already you will be as soon as 'Medicated' arrives with bells on, crashing in and desperate to show off it's glittering chorus. That behind the sweetness and light sit some dark and troubled lyrics simply makes the package all the better. The band describe themselves as 'Wales answer to broken hearted snow ball fights and marshmallows', an image as expressive as the music they create. Don't slumber too long please Panda's we all want to be part of your club.


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  1. Cheers for the review!
    Angela x (SPC)

  2. You're welcome Angela. I really like the tracks I've heard, hope they end up reaching a wide audience.