25 August 2011

Found - Spotlight Kid

Back before the brothers from Burnage brawled and brass-necked their way to the heart of the nineties - and a lifetime prior to Bobby G championing Hezbollah live on Radio One - Creation Records positioned itself as an enclave for the creative minds of the burgeoning shoegaze movement. Had SPOTLIGHT KID bowled up and knocked on the label door you suspect they would have been welcomed in, if not with open arms, then at least a knowing upward glance from behind the ample fringes in the room.

The Nottingham natives are set to release their second album next month, five years on from putting out debut record 'Departure'. Rather than dwindling away half a decade, they've put the free time to good use, pinning down a settled line up and progressing their sound, both live (in support of The Joy Formidable) and on 2009's Crystal Dreams EP. Last years limited edition double a-side April/All Is Real buzzed with the ear drum splitting blitzkrieg that famously makes My Bloody Valentine gigs so exhilarating, while fresh tracks Haunting Me and Plan Comes Apart combine the vivacity of Dinosaur Jr  with the supernal splendour of Slowdive. Coming off the back of a blistering headline performance for the BBC Introducing Stage at this years Glastonbury, Spotlight Kid could be the next to tread the path of the The Big Pink and Yuck in bringing the alternative rock of twenty years past on to to the I.Pod's of this new generation.

Warning: This video contains flashing images.

Haunting Me (Album version) - Spotlight Kid by robmccleary


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