4 August 2011

Found - Tiger Choir

Tigers That Talked; Three Trapped Tigers; Pull Tiger Tale; Miniauture Tigers; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011; the white Bengal tiger at the zoo; Lost Land of the Tiger on BBC 4; ASDA tiger bread; Tony the Tiger from Frosties; Flying Brian Pilman's tiger print trunks - they all get a tick from me and now so do TIGER CHOIR

These groovy cats - woeful hippy slang intended - do their prowling and recording in Hobart, Tasmania, the antipoedean outpost famous for a cricket captain who's mastered the art of losing The Ashes and a cartoon devil that spins around ferociously and communicates with a 'bleeeeuggggherr'. Credible as those tourist attractions may be, perhaps it's time something else put 'Tassie' on the map, and with their debut album, 'Unicycles', Tiger Choir could be just the men for the job. Released in April, the LP is a ten track psychotropic blend of dreampop and electro that does justice to it's birth place's nickname as 'the inspiration island' 'Dancer' has the lackadaisical, tripped out shrug of Tame Impala, 'Ghosties' is every bit as tuneful and doe eyed as The Radio Dept at their best, while 'Vultures' makes a play for the status of album high point with five minutes of tumbling drums, shimmering piano and a sky kissing, sanguine chorus. In the home of untainted flora and fauna, Tiger Choir have taken the sound of their initial 2009 EP and nurtured and matured it - now in blossom, they shouldn't be left in the wilderness.

Tiger Choir - Vultures by Tiger Choir


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