1 March 2012

Found - I Am Harlequin

I'm sure I've heard of this weeks new 'Found Of' artist before .... of course, I remember now!: 'I am Harlequin!; No, I am Harlequin; It is I who is Harlequin!'.... ah no, that's Spartacus isn't it ..... hmm ..... 'I am Harlequin AHA!!' ... nope that was Alan Partidge ... 'I am Harlequin - get me out of here!!!' No, no that's not it ... hold on it must be those 15 rugby players stood over there, I'll ask ... 'I'm sorry old chap, we are HarlequinS' ... oh, my mistake ... *scratches head*... I'm well and truly stumped then, just who is Harlequin???

I AM HARLEQUIN! Nice one, she's over here readers, mystery solved; and by 'she' we are of course referring to Anne Freier, a German born, London schooled, musician, who might just be positioning herself  perfectly to nip in stealthily and scoop up the prized mantel of 2012's electropop princess! Where in turn Little Boots, La Roux and Ellie G strided, so, many have followed, but if Freier is to break the big time it's likely to be through tapping into the fan base of one other of the chart crashing, twenty first century, girls. Last October's debut release, 'The King's Daughter', displayed all the grandeur and orchestral flourishes that have propelled the career of one Florence Welch and her Machine; check the rumbling drum patterns, choral backing vocals and pivotal piano tinkles if your require any conformation. That track was one half of a double a-side release, and it's companion 'The Liberty' was equally radio primed, quickly unveiling a great chorus hook and utilising the persistent pop patterns of fellow stars in the wings The Good Natured. A new track 'Onesome' will officially drop during the middle of this month (for free no less) but if in the mean time you still need convincing, then head over to her Soundcloud page and discover how she breathed new life into Queen, with a remarkably fresh and unique remix of 'Don't Stop Me Now'. Depending on which tradition you choose Harlequin is either a source of romance and magic, or a slow and stupid individual - these tunes fall under description one, make sure you don't ignore them and encapsulate description two.

I am Harlequin "The Liberty" by Fred Hystere


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