29 March 2012

Found - BRNS

Om nom nom nom nom - that's me devouring cake, birthday cake no less, because as of yesterday The Found Of Confusion turned one year old!!....well sort of at least. Actually the weekly 'Founds' began on the 6th of January, but if the Queen can have two birthdays then so can we, and as it's twelve months since we stepped out from beneath the protective wing of the The Sound Of Confusion, to become a fully fledged stand alone blog, I think it's a good excuse for a party!! So help yourself to the sausages on sticks and jelly, have a play on the bouncy castle, then come gather near the makeshift stage... oh yes reader, of course we got a band in!

Not just any run of the mill band either; no such is our style, we've turned to some class from the Continent to set this shindig off just right. Flying in from the cobbled corners of Brussels, come four men who travel under the collective umbrella BRNS. If the pronunciation has you perplexed, then it's worth pointing out that the quartet originally formed with the name Brains, but the grind of grappling to get noticed on Google subsequently led them to jettison the vowels in favour of a sleeker signature. While though their calling card may be a source of ambiguity, few questions should linger around their music making potential - last years self-titled debut EP dispelled any doubts over the course of fifteen invention packed minutes. Leading things of was the raw, indie-funk, overtones of 'Mexico'. A half pleading, half protested, yelp of 'I've never been in Mexico!' conducts the show, inviting the organ, guitars, and what could pass for an impromptu pots and pans kitchen orchestra, to drop in and build the melody to a cacophonous conclusion; somehow meticulous and ramshackle at the same time, this is Holy Fuck stripped down to their engine parts with a splash of OK Go dripping from the fuel tank. For the juddering 'Here Dead He Lies', it's the factory production line rather than the repair shop that springs to mind, the drums and guitar working in unison and ricocheting back and forth like a pneumatic drill bit, before a ticking time bomb middle eight, explodes the song into a crunching and rousing finale. Vocally comparable to Miike Snow, and displaying the mood mannerisms of Metric, this is a high skilled operation live in action. With an additional track, 'Clairvoyant', maintaining the lofty standards, you don't need to read the future to know that the follow up EP the band are currently recording will be a work worth exploring. Come for the party, but if you use your BRNS people, you'll be the ones leaving with a new gift.

Mexico by BRNSmusic


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