7 April 2011

Found - Dimbleby And Capper

Welcome back Foundees!

For the month of April 'The Found Of Confusion' is reverting back to it's originally intended format, with one band/act to be revealed every Thursday. For those of you that prefer to read just one article in it's entirety, fear not, the selections will still be appearing on The Sound Of Confusion blog as a single post at the start of May.

Shall we begin?


I don’t know if Kev has scrapped his stupid band name of the week feature, but if it’s still running we have a likely contender in the shape of the duotastic (I made that up) sounding DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER. Despite the cumbersome - Question Time host dressed in market knock off Italian sportswear – name, Dee and Cee (as seems to be the preferred abbreviation) is predominantly the fruits of just one ladies fertile imagination, 23 year old London resident Laura Bettinson.

Although she’s almost certainly aspiring to chart success, March’s ‘Let You Go’ single and its excellent flip side* ‘Raise It Right’ are not your standard sugar coated pop compositions; they may have started out fluffy and nice, but these songs have had their heads turned by what’s on offer in the shady parts of tune town. A brooding off kilter vibe, akin to that favoured by M.I.A, is prominent in both tracks and could have been oppressive if it wasn’t for the sneaky upbeat choruses she slips in. A recent live performance complete with theatrical stage antics and eccentric costumes begs the question is she aiming to be Britain’s version of Lady Gaga? Frankly as long as she continues crafting great singles who cares!

*can you flip an MP3?

Raise It Right by Dimbleby & Capper

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