21 April 2011

Found - Range Rover

Moving from those who frequent the air (Pilots – get it, clever yeah? No?) to those who prefer to stay on the tarmac, revving up next for your consideration are San Diego’s RANGE ROVER. Normally a band name like that would be an open goal for me to wheel out a clutch of car based puns, but I decided that in these blogs I should steer clear of that sort of thing as I’m aware it can drive people nuts. I don’t intend to brake that promise so I’ll resist the temptation, (having exhausted my material anyway) but if you spot any accidental ones feel free to boot me off your screen.

Despite these Californian teens still finding their feet artistically, their recent free download ‘There’s Nothing For Me Here’ has gained them much positive attention across blog land. The base track adopts the same brand of otherworldly electronica so successfully championed by the brilliant Memory Tapes and Millionyoung, while the vocals come over like a monastic chant, shrouded in echo and distortion. Further recordings ‘Soda’ and ‘Mind’ are available for no cost at their Bandcamp page and if Range Rover can piece together a long player even half as good as the aforementioned Mr M Tapes they’ll be a must for any ITunes library.

Mind by Range Rover

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Range Rover Bandcamp
Range Rover Twitter

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