22 April 2011

Team YADi - Sign Up Here

So that's it the cat is out of the bag! A week ago today we revealed here that the one and only YADi will be following in the footsteps of Delphic and standing up for the values of taste and decency by representing us Foundees in the great 'Confusion Wars'

As such it's only right that we take a little moment to salute our hero - and what better way to do that than by listening to some of the tunes that will make us nailed on victors when the battle reaches it's denouement


The track that's received the most praise to date is Guillotine and it'd be hard to argue that any of those compliments are unmerited. Driven along by a motown backbeat this is The Supremes reconditioned for the 21st century, piano and powerful vocals all working in harmony - great stuff.

Willow's haunted intro gives way to the rhythmic bounce of electro hip-pop. An anthem dedicated to the frustrations of love gone wrong, it's got passion and style in equal portions.

In my humble opinion though Gold is the best of the bunch. Beginning like a sinister children's tale, the verse snakes it's way through the long grass. When it hits the chorus though everything is suddenly soaring majestically, with vocals layered to brilliant effect, before the beat lands and marches off into the distance

Hear Gold on soundcloud.

And if that's not enough I can promise you there's more out there to be excited about. Heartbroken is crying out to be a single, it's the type of chart/club hit that Madonna would have been proud to call her own when she was at at her youthful best. Nothing left has simplicity and mountains of soul, while Cannibals and Sahara Heart are fresh, feisty and funky.

Team Yadi/The Found Of Confusion, heading to a victory parade near you soon - come with us!

Here are the places across the web where you can find out what our champ is up too:



  1. How many have signed up so far? ;)

  2. Too many to begin to quantify!

    These things take time, but we will build it so they can come.

    Some may not see the potential straight away, but soon enough they will....especially once I start giving free chocolate away.