14 April 2011

Found - Pilots

Lazy TV executives, who are too spineless or incompetent to make a decision, like to air pilot episodes of shows to gauge whether or not the public will approve of the concept. Well if this PILOTS debut production is anything to go by, put down your doughnut and get this commissioned now fatty! ‘White Knuckle Tight Grip’ was released back in February and sounds fantastic with its funky guitars and harmonies that pop up at random intervals, all polished up nicely via some glossy production. With the 80’s love in showing little sign of letting up, these north east lads appear to have drawn inspiration from their regions most prominent musical export – and they should be applauded for cherry picking the best bits The Police had to offer, while sidelining any trace of the oddball singer who based his whole persona on a garish stripy jumper. Sharing the same schizophrenic approach to song structure as flourishing contemporises like Vampire Weekend and Everything Everything (but on this evidence doing it better), the prospects of future success for this quartet look more than healthy – well as long as one of the band doesn’t suddenly change his name to ‘Wasp’

PILOTS 'Not Solo' by PilotsMusic

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