28 April 2011

Found - Gilbert

Now we all know that nothing good has ever been called GILBERT! That bloke from Holyoaks who’s always singing Blue Moon and proudly wearing his City colours gave it a good go - until it was revealed he’s a real life admirer of Trafford Green And Yellow Scarves! Loveable Old Gil from The Simpsons can’t hold down a job for two minutes and that giant from The Inbetweeners, funny though he is, unashamedly wears a tweed jacket and v-neck sweater.... together!! Freaks the lot of them!

Someone however has emerged, who seems to want to buck this loser trend. December 2010 saw the release of ‘Wahoola!’, the 2nd album from Gilbert – a creative outlet for current Engineers drummer Matthew Linley. While on occasion the record veers off into ‘aaagh where the hell did that scary men’s choir appear from’ territory, when Linley gets it right, my does he get it right! Maude Wilde has been brought on board to lend seraphic vocals to Linely’s beguiling orchestrations and the resulting musical marriage has worked a treat. ‘Where are you’ twinkles while ‘Red Leaves Floating On The Water’ is as tranquil and pretty as the title would suggest. If you only intend to treat your ears once this year then let them have 5 uninterrupted minutes alone with the really beautiful ‘Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow’, it’s got layers of loveliness up its sleeve.

04 Red Leaves Floating On the Water by Foundofconfusion

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow by Foundofconfusion

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Gilbert Myspace

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