1 September 2011

Found - Discopolis

It's that frightening time of year when an accidental wrong turn into the centre of Edinburgh will inevitably result in the luckless victim being accosted by a maraca wielding Chilean dance troupe, patted on the head by C3PO on stilts, or co-opted into a guerrilla street performance about....well more than likely guerrillas. As a place that prides itself on its links to the arts, it has to irk Scotland's capital a little to have spent so long stuck firmly in the music making shadow of its rowdy, Glaswegian cousin along the M8 - that though could be about to change!

DISCOPOLIS are three like minded nineteen year olds from the east coast city, whose star is ascending as rapidly as the fireworks that will criss-cross the sky above their castle esplanade this weekend. Having formed last year, the band only played live for the first time a matter of months ago, yet they now have both a T In The Park and Reading festival performance tucked safely away in their back pockets. On top of that, their aptly titled debut single 'Lofty Ambitions', has been championed by a clutch of respected Radio One DJ's - plus Fearne Cotton too. Worth the hype? Well going off their Soundcloud demos it's a resounding yes! 'Bitches All Over Europe' (must be dog lovers, that'll play well with the public!) is like the swaggering offspring of The Chemical Brothers 'Star Guitar', while 'We Should Have Been Born In Canada' pulses with positive vibes and exudes the Balearic beach bliss of Delorean. For pure limb loosening euphoria look no further than the magnificent 'Weekends Burning', its kinetic drum loops and cascading synth sequences setting it up as the natural heir apparent to Delphic's epic Acolyte centerpiece. Nothing else needs to be said, the tracks speak for themselves; Well done Edinburgh, you took your time but hasn't it been worth the wait!

Discopolis - Weekend Burnings by discopolismusic


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BBC Reading Video

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