28 July 2011

Found - Blue Lip Feel

I’ll be frank, on the face of it our final founders of July don’t have a great deal going for them, allow me to explain with a concise four point list:

a) They come from the broken side of the Pennies, where everyone talks funny (bad enough in itself)
b) they have rubbish hair - that's poor rockstar form.
c) They have an even more questionable dress sense (I saw pointy boots on one YouTube video....pointy!)
d) Their band name makes no sense at all!

It's to their great credit then that, amazingly, these heinous crimes don't seem nearly as important as they should - because who'd have thought it, BLUE LIP FEEL (what did I tell you!) actually write some really good songs! The young Sheffield quartet have obviously paid attention in their rock and roll classes and are now putting those studies into practice with some on the job shadowing, their 'Shallow GetawayEP coming off like the reincarnation of Thin Lizzy; The Strokes after kidnapping Jack White  for vocal duties; The Verve on uppers or the Kings Of Leon if they were ever any good! On top of that they've only gone and awoken that long lost mythical creature of decades past - a proper guitar solo, woooooo! If this excites you (and why wouldn't it!) you can pick up the EP from their Soundcloud page where you'll also find two further tracks, 'Under My Collar' and 'Rinse Me Down' the latter of which they're in the process of filming a video for. Blue Lip Feel - proof you can overcome even the biggest barriers!

Sideways by bluelipfeel


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