16 June 2011

Found - Mausi

Our next founders win the award* for my favourite artwork of the year so far. It's not so much the dartboard that appeals to me, or the row of happy teddies in front (though I do like them!), but more the fetching shade of blue these items are surrounded by. To approximate for you, I'd describe the colour as almost identical to the magnificent blue that a Sir Shaun Goater was wearing when he was generously presented the football by one Gary 'Chuckle' Neville in front of an appreciative Maine Road crowd......GOAL! It's a lovely colour indeed.

The band displaying the impeccable taste are MAUSI and the artwork in question comes with their debut single 'Follow Me Home' which was released earlier this year through their own Racecar Records label. The four piece have spoken of their admiration for Phoenix and the influence of the Parisians is very evident in the punchy pop gambol of the lead track and its excellent b-side 'Kiss So Slow'. Vocal duties are traded on both songs between Milanese born brother and sister Daisy and Thomas Finetto and it looks like they might have hit on the perfect stepping stone between the jangly charm of Standard Fare and the energetic explosion of The Subways. As first singles go this is as cracker and the presence of a third track, 'Racecar', on their Soundcloud page suggests the follow up could be every bit as good -  Congratulations Mausi you pass the Found Of Confusion test with flying colours!

* Just to be clear there isn’t an actual award (in case they turn up expecting a ceremony and goodie bag)

Kiss so Slow by mausi


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