23 June 2011

Found - Retriever

After nice fluffy cats and cuddly toys the next logical step is obviously a bit of murder...hang on that doesn’t sound right *checks notes*.... err I think it’s safe to say our latest arrivals to the Found Of Confusion blog have been cut from very different cloth to the last two!

RETRIEVER are a trio from South Shields with some dark thoughts and the music to match. On ‘The Rattle and The Hiss, the title track from April's 6 song strong EP, singer Jackie Miller spits: ‘I was born in the eye of the storm’, and by the sound of it she’s bottled that storm and brought it along with her to the recording studio! The product of their outpouring is the kind of noise you’d guess Mr Bobby Gillespie will adore; the relentless baselines would slip seamlessly on to Primal Scream’s 'Xtrmntr' LP, while the heavy clinical drumming and layers of fuzz are archetypal The Jesus And Mary Chain. If there’s a softer side they’ve not shown it yet, both ‘The Rattle And The Hiss’ and September's ‘Murder/Lion EP*’ are full steam ahead in attitude, but it doesnt take a massive stretch of the imagination to believe that in their quieter moments they could be capable of  following in the fotsteps of The Ravonettes, adding a touch more beauty to their beligerence. That path may have to wait though, for now they’ve got that storm to unleash!

*We’re back to cats again

WARNING: This video contains Flashing Images!

The Rattle And The Hiss by RETRIEVER

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