9 June 2011

Found - Waskerley Way

Today we have a man who appears to have a somewhat unnatural obsession with cats. Let’s be clear I like felines, many was the time I fantasised about having a pet panther sleeping on a branch at the end of the garden, or of feeding my sister to the friendly neighbourhood tiger. I’m not sure however that I’d name a high percentage of my recorded material 'cat this' or 'cat that'. Thankfully WASKERLEY WAY can get away with this quirk because the music he’s making comprehensively overshadows any naming oddities. The bedroom producer takes hip-hop and house beats then builds around them with keyboards, guitars and luscious strings, before saturating his creation in effects and mixing in vocals so faint that at times you could wonder if they're an audio mirage. ‘Holly’ is what DJ Shadow might sound like if you listened to him while submerged at the opposite end of a swimming pool; ‘Haram Haram’ is a hazy take on Daft Punk and 'Hyper Hazard' places classical music and techno in an unlikely union. February’s ‘Waterfall’ LP is available from his bandcamp page, as is a 5 track EP from last December, and as both are ‘name your price’ why not go and pick them up and have him grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Waskerley Way - Haram Haram by Wonder Beard

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  1. Waskerley Way has a new 3 track EP 'Wind Shear' available from his Bandcamp page.