30 June 2011

Found - Cult Image

The bodies of this month’s fifth and final group may be ensconced on Tyneside but their spirit is located approximately 140 miles to the south and west traipsing the damp streets of Manchester. The bands eponymous debut EP of last November has all the hallmarks of a long lost 80's demo tape that's just been found down the back of a battered sofa in a dingy Whalley Range practice space. The songs in question however haven’t been misplaced by 'James', nor have they been discarded by 'A Certain Ratio' or dumped by 'The Durutti Column', nope they’re in fact the property of a much newer quartet who go by the name of CULT IMAGE

While the lead track ‘Faces’ may not be particularly inspiring, it’s the two recordings that accompany it that make this worth investigating. On 'The Rallying Call' guitarist Chris Knight and bass player Anthony Hethrington take on the unenviable task of emulating The Smiths Marr and Rourke and do a more than fair job of it too, managing to pull together something that could pass for an early incarnation of Rubber Ring. ‘Astray’ has other northern legends at its heart. The chiming guitar and driving base is akin to that of The Stone Roses in their 'Garage Flowers' period, while Sean McMahon’s hollow vocals guide the mood in the direction of local legends The Chameleons. These are bands that cast lengthy shadows and at the moment Cult Images song writing doesn't stack up in comparison but they’ve got the right idea - aim for the gods and even if you fall short you might still land on one of those accommodating mancunian rainclouds.


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