2 June 2011

Found - Tomahawks For Targets

Did you solve my oh so criptic clue? This month the Found Of Cofusion will be featuring bands from the North East of England, an area rich in musical talent at the moment. On we go..


Shall we begin with a band with a bit of a strange name again? I think we will, TOMAHAWKS FOR TARGETS you're up! Truthfully I’m not 100% sure what a Tomahawk is. I do know from my youth that it was the name of a ‘signature move’ by ex WWE (nee F) wrestler Tatanka. He liked to dress up as a Red Indian and hop around the ring going: ‘Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!’ before bringing his hand down in a chopping motion on his baffled (and usually rotund) opponents head - so that suggests it might be an axe. Of course it’s also the name of a missile that the Americans like to fire every so often ... emm I’m saying no more about that as I really don’t want a pre-emptive strike on this blog.

So who knows where these lads got their name, but where they got their musical style is a bit more apparent. ‘Sputnik’ is a lively combination of falsetto vocals and rhythm section led indie rock, and if you liked hearing MY KZ UR BFon your radio last year you’ll almost certainly love this track - because essentially it’s exactly the same song! (Well it got Everything Everything some Ivor Novello nominations so as borrowing goes it's an astute choice). The thing is though that TFT (that’s short hand!) might actually have a bit more about them than their adopted Mancunian comrades. May's 5 track 'More Of The Savage EP',  brims with the same skittish, frenetic personality that launched near neighbours The Futureheads and Maximo Park and there’s no reason why Tomahawks For Targets shouldn’t aspire to tap into that readymade audience, so crack on gents and strike while the iron axe is hot!

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  1. TFT live at Reading and Leeds can be viewed here