5 June 2011

Third Bite Of The Cherry - F.O.C update

Time for another mini update of all that's new with our Found Of Confusion artists thus far:

Important news comes from the PILOTS camp - they are no more!! Thankfully it's just a change of status rather than a vanishing act. They've acquired a new member and now go by the name SHIELDS and you can find them via the following links:



Those of you waiting for LASZLO to release his album will have to hang on a touch longer. It's been put back from it's orginal May release but is now scheduled to arrive on the 5th of September, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Also hoping to bring us new material in September is DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER and she's promising some 'HUGE' beats! If you want to hear more in the meantime however she's now selling a mini album via her website here. The album is made up of the tracks she's released so far and a rather fine cover of The Crystals 'Then He Kissed Her' which you can get for free if you join the mailing list - bonus!


Elsewhere PANDAS AND PEOPLE and LANTERNS ON THE LAKE are nearing completion of their albums and BLU has been previewing some track off his debut LP on Tumblr. No release dates have been announced for any of there yet. However..........


.......we do have a release date for the debut album by WONDER BEAR - and it's tomorrow! 'Avalanche' is released via the Absent Fever label and has been preceded by a single 'Reverend' which you can hear now:

For further info see the band Facebook page here


That's your lot for today, see you again soon.


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