21 July 2011

Found - Polygon Palace

Ready to throw some shapes on the dance floor? Of course you are, but what shape to go for, hmmm *rummages in Play School box*, triangle’s no good, you’ll have someone’s eye out with that; a circle, that'll just roll away; a cube is a bit cumbersome and a square is too square to come to the club in the first place! Tell you what why don’t we take all the best bits shape world has to offer and go with a polygon figure instead, they’re so cool with their, 'I'll be whatever I want', vibe going on!

POLYGON PALACE are a Melbourne duo (Gabriel Crossan and Adam Ferns) who are as quintessentially Australian as Russell Crowe and Olivia Newton John - yep that's right, they’re actually from New Zealand and England respectively, but in their case the maxim: ‘It’s not where you’re from its where you’re at’ is definitely applicable. An unofficial reworking of Cut Copy's 'Hearts On Fire' first brought the band some attention back in 2008, and when a single of Polygon Palace's own (Tokyo Getaway) followed 18 months later it came with the fingerprints of their fellow Melbournites all over it, awash with playful synths and a laidback catchy hook. Further remixes appeared over the course of the next year, marking time before the release last January of their second single 'We Have A Visual'; the musical formula remaining consistent with their previous release but adding some crunching guitars and an electro edge that sets them up as the southern hemisphere's answer to The Whip. The pair are presently studio bound working on new tracks - as well as solo material - and if it's on a par with what's gone before then they'll be the ones sitting on a diamond and looking in very good shape.

Polygon Palace - Tokyo Getaway by Polygon Palace


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