6 July 2011

Now That's What I Call Found Of Confusion - Side A

Six Month Soundtrack

Six months down, six months to go! To mark reaching the half way point of this year long challenge I thought I'd recommend a compilation of some of the songs that have been featured thus far. Each track has been lovingly selected and placed in running order to make a playlist for your enjoyment, one which handily* will fit perfectly on the first side of a C90 - you can then save side two for the best of July to December you see!

*Not that handy really is it given nobody has a cassette player any more!

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to be able to give any of these away for free (I was too lazy to ask the bands) but I'm sure if you refer back to previous links, and do some digging, you'll be able to track them down - although even at 79p a pop they'd be a bargain, after all it is a collection that displays exquisite taste ;-)

The chosen few are:

White Knuckle Tight Grip - Sheilds
Sputnik - Tomahawks For Targets
Licking My Feet - Pandas And People
Kiss So Slow - Mausi
Leave Argentina - Polarsets
Do For You - Daniel J Santillan
Haram Haram - Waskerley Way
Beach - Wishing Wars
Mornin' - Star Slinger
See You - The You And Me Ensemble
Lungs Quicken - Lanterns On The Lake
Red Leaves Floating On The Water - Gilbert

Happy hunting and I'll be back tomorrow with July's first band who are........nah you can wait.

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