26 July 2011

Bite Back - Part 2

Refreshed and raring to go? Your answer had better have been yes because it's time to pick up where we left off on Sunday with more new material from The Found Of Confusion bands featured so far. Here's what the class of April through to June have been doing with their valuable time.


First up we have the band formerly known as Pilots, now seen answering to the name SHIELDS. They are to release the first single under their new handle on the 1st of August, which from counting on my fingers I can tell you is just under one week away! The lead track is called 'Spires' and it's backed by another new song 'Castles,' both of which are below, go buy them!,

SHIELDS 'Spires (Adrian Bushby Mix)' by SHIELDS



CALM AS THE COLOUR next; they've had the camcorder out and shot a video for the excellent 'Rain Must Fall'. Lots of shameless dancing in this video...you'd never catch me doing that, and certainly not for example in a blog post on this site two months previous *walks away whistling* - I'm not at all miffed that their moves are better than mine!!


Quick general news round up now. MAUSI have been in the studio working on their next single before they then jetted off to Italy to film a new video (let's hope it's as fun as the last one which I loved), not a bad life is it. Two more of our bands featured during the 'North East Month' also have new music in the pipeline. RETRIEVER and CULT IMAGE are to release a split single together on or around the 10th of September, with the latter hoping to follow it up with a stand alone release of their own around the same time. Stay tuned to their Facebook if you want more info.


Someone who has already released new material is WASKERLEY WAY. You can pick up the three track Wind Shear EP from his Bandcamp page and here is a little taste of what to expect:

Total Fluke by Waskerley Way


Rounding things off it's the ever interesting DIMBLEBY AND CAPPER who has posted snippets of 4 new tracks that she's been working on. They sound great to me but you can make your own mind up:

Another Set Of Catchy Tunes, Mini Mix by Dimbleby & Capper


That I believe is that, enough to be going on with I'm sure. See you all (well one of you) back here on Thursday for the next new band. Be good.

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