7 July 2011

Found - The Shutes

It gets a bit parky up north so after 5 weeks huddling together in and around Newcastle you foundees will want some heat wont you? I've got you covered, let's hot foot it to the opposite end of the country...and then a tiny bit further. We're off to the Isle Of Wight, home to a band called THE SHUTES who positively radiate with the healthy glow of balmy summer evenings.

The trio's 'Hits Like Mourning' EP of October past was kaleidoscopic in character, twisting its way through the space rock of The Byrds, the languid majesty of Mercury Rev and the finer points of garage rock and 60's folk and pop. Brand new single 'Noah's Ark' sees the band fuse these elements then fine tune, and the net result is something a bit special; Dipped in psychedelic colours, it's a rejuvenating blast of sugar sweet guitar rock reminiscent of the early singles by The Delays. The main track is complemented ably by the daydream meander of acoustic led flip side ‘Waltz Alone’, and a further demo 'Echo Of Love' surfaced recently giving every indication this is a band who've found their feet and are now kicking on at a pace. Shute(ing) Stars? There's every chance.

Waltz Alone by The Shutes

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