14 July 2011

Found - Daughter

It’s been a while since we packed away the amps in favour of something a little quieter, so this week we’ve Invited DAUGHTER round to sit on the Found Of Confusion couch and strum some tunes for us. Otherwise known as Elena Tonra, Daughter is a singer songwriter from London who released her debut EP - titled ‘His Young Heart’- in mid April. Made up of four tracks, it’s a body of work that is intimate, subtle and at points genuinely affecting. From the desolation of ‘Landfill’, via the resigned longing of ‘Candles’ and on to the soothing sign off that is ‘Switzerland’, each track projects its mood skillfully, with the restrained approach to production working a treat and allowing Tonra’s soft, breathy vocals and confessional lyrics to hog centre stage. Thoughtful and vulnerable, these are the type of songs that could hush a room in moments. At this time there are no clues as to when a follow up will materialise, but for now this EP should be more than enough to be going on with - so if you fancy some soul searching but have lost your Laura Marling CD then look no further than Daughter.



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  1. Daughter performed at Reading and Leeds last weekend. You can watch footage here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/festivals/readingandleeds/2011/artists/daughter/#p00k2v16