10 November 2011

Found - Beaty Heart

Music lessons at school were great weren't they, a period of sanctuary separating the hour of 'I can't do long division miss' from the sixty minutes of 'Mon crayon est sur la table'. These god sent slots were the opportunity for us giddy kids to grab the first thing that came to hand (iinstruments only thank you!) and plonk, strum, bash, blow and shake until something loosely resembling a tune appeared - accompanied by a huge sense of satisfaction! Strangely, on forming a band, many musicians seem to lose sight of the fun they can have with their craft......that's not always the case though.

To BEATY HEART the studio is a Willy Wonka world of delights, one for which they've won the golden ticket; a place to concoct head spinning hymns that whirl straight out from the sugar rush. The rudiments of their musical recipe are well chosen - a healthy dollop of tribal drums a la Yeasayer, a smattering of Small Black's squiffy sonics and a teaspoon of falsetto and fantasy from Passion Pit - but it's the secret ingredients that really make the dish, tossing the senses through a land of Caribbean Carnivals, South American street parade's and Aboriginal artistry. For 'Cola' and 'Slush Puppy' it's the titles themselves that give the best indication as to what lies in store. The former is effervescent in the purest sense of the word, the impression of bubbles fizzing upwards being captured in the percussive samba beat, which in turn runs into a middle eight, presumably recorded from right inside the can as it's shaken to the point of explosion. The latter is just as depictive, seeming to submerge the listener within the crushed ice, before it all melts away amongst the heat of a jungle paradise. Nor is that the end to the variety; with it's steelpan, calypso chorus, '2 Good' must have been recorded behind the boundary rope at the Queens Park Cricket Oval in Trinidad, and as for 'We're All Friends Here' - well god knows where 'here' actually is but it's a place with plenty of didgeridoo! Imaginative, definitely a little bonkers, and without doubt one of the freshest sounds to appear this year.



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Top Tip: A slush makes an ideal ice bath for overworked tooth fairies. Agree? Like the music? Comment below, e-mail foundofconfusion@hotmail.co.uk or pay us a visit on Google+


  1. You summed up their sound perfectly there!

  2. You're very kind Mr Wright, I had to do a decent job on one eventually!!

    You get a mention in next weeks post...bet you can't wait ;-)

  3. I'll be gathered round the computer with my friends and family waiting to read it! We're all taking the day off work, it's so exciting!

  4. I would have thought that's what you do every week surely? I light a candle for each of your posts, my garden looks like a 757 landing strip now!But yes get some party hats and cheese on sticks in.