17 November 2011

Found - The Brow Horn Orchestra

It's not my time you're wasting class, it's your own, and If Kevin Wright would bother to turn and face the front and stop swinging on his chair then perhaps we could get started! Ok, who can remember what we discussed last lesson? Yes Miss Madeup?... that's correct: 'The benefits of enjoyment and variety in music compositon'. As some of you were quite obviously snoozing throughout our discussion, I thought it only right that we revisit the topic; so take out your jotters please and copy down the name written on the board -THE BROW HORN ORCHESTRA - *sigh* yes Kevin you can borrow a pen.

Right then, now you've got that down here's what you need to know. Bobbing and bouncing their way out from Perth, Western Australian, The Brow Horn Orchestra are a menagerie of multi instrumentalists who plan to let the good times roll, and by sharing their shenanigans on record everyone is welcome along for the ride. September's 'Can't Afford This Way Of Life EP' was like getting an invite to a street party over at Genre Avenue, where Mr and Mrs Rap, Ska, Pop, Soul and House have hung out the bunting and are bursting to provide the entertainment for the assembled congregation. On their passport the six tracks on offer would probably list their occupation as 'hip-hop record' and in the case of 'King' and 'Kick Back & Fight' that's essentially true; both songs sporting the live authenticity of The Roots and the positive mindset of Afrocentric age acts such as Arrested Development. Delve in to the rest of the EP though and there's wider influences to be found. 'Every Single Day' is a perky portion of uptempo pop, it's triumphant horn section recalling El Presidente or even Dexy's, while 'We Were Where The Heart Is' has more than a bit of Basement Jaxx in it's charismatic chorus and dancefloor tempo. Rounding the celebrations off is the title track, and as it skips along to the same beat as The Avalanches, only a solitary question needs to be answered - when's the next party please? We'll be there!

We Were Where The Heart Is by thebrowhornorchestra


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