27 November 2011

Video Of The Year: The Second Contenders

Good morning my video connoisseur friends, back for the second installment of The Found Of Confusion: Video Of The Year Vote! (That's a lot of capitals isn't it). You should already know the rules and how to vote from yesterdays post (I'm glaring at you again street teams!) but if you don't.....well it's directly below this so just go and have a read, it wont take long.

Let's get on with it, here are contenders D-F.


D - Mausi - Sol

Soaking up the sunshine


E - Calm As The Colour - The Rain Must Fall

The time is right for dancing in the street


FBeaty Heart - Slush Puppy

Ice Ice Baby


That's it, you now have all six in your possession. Enjoy watching them and let me know your pick for Video Of The Year!


  1. I'm actually the guitar player for Calm as the Colour and came across this blog by pure chance. Thanks a lot for posting the vid and getting us a wee bit more exposure too!

  2. No need for thanks Kris, it's a great song (and video), I'm more than happy to post it. I can't promise i'll get you flocks of new fans but every little bit helps doesn't it. Keep up the good work!