13 November 2011

Musical Youths

As the year begins to wind down to it's conclusion, so many of our Found Of Confusion friends start to turn their attention to the future and map out their assaults on 2012 - or actually just sit in watching X-Factor, writing their list to Santa and arguing over whether Roses or Quality Street are on the menu. Now that's all well and good, but we want new material don't we?.....('Yes we do Andy').....Well thankfully not everyone is holding back, so long live the impulsiveness of youth, you've come through for us threefold!


Since featuring them in March we - actually just I - have neglected to mention the good men of MOSCOW YOUTH CULT - well that can now change as they are to release a new EP, titled 'Iris', on November the 21st. You can listen to the EP in full over at Soundcloud , with particular highlights being 'Survivasm' and The LA2019 remix of the title trick, the original of which you can listen to below.


From Moscow to Moss Side* we go, for fresh recordings from one of Septembers featured artists, VIOLET YOUTH. They've placed two new tracks up on Soundcloud during the last fortnight, '20 Minutes Later' and 'Poland'. There's no indication at this point in time as to whether these will be part of an official single release, but, as they're out there for you enjoyment at the moment, I'd suggest you get on it!

* not really, it's Stockport but that doesn't flow as well does it...I could have used Moston but nobody has heard of there!


Last but by absolutely no means least comes DAUGHTER whose 'The Wild Youth EP' is now available for streaming and purchase from her Bandcamp page. I can't speak highly enough of this collection, from start to finish it's immaculately composed and contains four of the most emotionally charged and lyrically interesting tracks you'll have heard all year. Go and buy it as soon as possible, but before you do have a listen to the third track 'Youth', below.


That's us done and dusted for today but if you want to get in touch please do so - you can e-mail foundofconfusion@hotmail.co.uk, or as you can see by clicking the red G in the box on over on the right hand side, the blog now has a Google+ page! I don't really understand how it works but if I get my head round it you can pop in over there for extra content...or not!

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