3 November 2011

Found - The Bilinda Butchers

Forget synchronising their haircuts; drawing straws over whether to have Ribena or Vimto on the rider; or even writing some songs; the most arduous task many young bands will face is settling on a name without two members trading punches or penning a creative differences Post-it. One way to circumnavigate the issue (and avoid the singer turning up at A&E with a pair of drumsticks lodged up his nose) is through a spot of good old fashioned identity theft! That person you all said you admire, why not nab their name, they probably won't miss it - you can ask THE BILINDA BUTCHERS if you don't believe me.

For those too young or absent minded to remember, Miss Butcher was - and in theory still is - a member of seminal shoegaze purveyors My Bloody Valentine, but her name, tired of hanging about waiting to appear in the sleeve notes of another record, has now upped sticks to start an independent life of it's own in sunny San Francisco. There it's been taken under the wing of an enterprising duo who, though obviously fans of Kevin Sheilds maverick troupe, have concocted a 'regret, love, guilt, dreams' EP that has greater parallels with the becalmed consonance of Chapterhouse, along with some more current influences. 'Careless Teens' and 'All My Friends' both share the welcoming demeanor of The Radio Dept., the latters whimsical vocals and glinting synth, dovetailing perfectly with the fulsome, Rickenbacker ring of the guitars, before bowing out to a well deserved round of applause. If that's not quite to your taste then there's an extra string to the EP's bow to be found on 'Sigh' and 'Boyfriend', where it's the organic grooves of Memory Tapes that are emulated confidently. The job of knitting these elements together falls upon 'Tulips', and as it's Hawaiian hula melody gently sways the time away, Bilinda's name can lie back, sip it's coconut, and reflect on the prospect of an exciting life ahead.

all my friends


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