26 November 2011

Video Of The Year: The First Contenders

Video killed the radio star - well not quite, it just forced all the DJ's on to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and as of yet the snakes and spiders of the outback haven't kept up their end of the bargain. Videos are great though, and a good one can add hugely to a songs impact. This is something a number of our 'Found Of' bands seem to be well aware of, because over the last few months they've come up with some great visual displays to compliment their top of the range tunes. As such I think it's only right we doff our cap to them, get interactive and pick our favourite!

Now I'm well aware that without your co-operation this could fall flat on it's grumpy, ruddy, rotund face - but we'll give it a go anyway! (Worst comes to worst I'll just pick the winner myself). Here's how it works, all you need do is watch the six videos (3 posted today and 3 tomorrow) then decide which you like best...and of course let me know. You can do that by leaving a comment below either post, e-mailing foundofconfusion@hotmail.co.uk or contacting me on Google+ - simple enough.

Any passing street teams please note: This is just a little bit of fun for the readers of the blog, they'll be no award ceremony, prizes or cash incentives; feel free to vote if you like but don't bother mobilising half of Facebook or tearing up Twitter. The winner will be mentioned in a post at the end of the year, so you've got until then to choose.

Happy watching, here's the first three.



ADiscopolis - When Ghosts Get Angry

Living in a box, he's living in a cardboard box


B - Tomahawks For Targets - The Modern Hunter

Seek and ye shall find


C - Little Scout - We Are Walking Out

Bolshoi below the branches, Bussell by the bushes


That's A-C for you to mull over. See the remaining contenders back here tomorrow.

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