12 March 2012

Around The Founds

Bandcamp is buzzing, Facebook is fit to burst and Soundcloud's straining on the leash - Found Of Confusion related news is dropping in left, right AND centre, so here are the best bits for you to digest.

Destination one is the good old North East of England which is a veritable hotbed of fresh activity at the moment.  We've already discussed Shields, so who to go with this time...hmm...eeny, meeny, miney, MAUSI! The funky indie pop quartet this week shared a live session version of a brand new track that, consistent with their cheery character, carries the title 'Disney Films'. You can download the tune from the bands Soundcloud page (here) but for the full experience why not watch the video first.

We can't use the combination of 'Funky' and 'the North East' and not mention TOMAHAWKS FOR TARGETS who sneaked out their debut album 'Invasion On A Budget' last Monday. You can listen to the record in its entirety via either Bandcamp or Soundcloud but if you want a taster of what you can expect then lend your ears to this teaser below

Good things come in three's apparently so can we make it a trio of tunes from Tyneside? Of course we can thanks to RETRIEVER! The gritty garage rockers have revealed that they will be releasing two new tracks for download on April the 16th. 'The Curse' and 'Setting Sun' will be available from the group Bandcamp page, and they follow on from free track 'Happiness Falls' which you can grab with a little 'black arrow click' action.

Happiness Falls by RETRIEVER

From the far north let's head south...and then south again....and then a bit more south - Isle Of Wight we're coming your way! No we're not arriving double early for the festival, we're just popping by to break the news that THE SHUTES have a new EP on the way. 'Echo Of Love' will be released (complete with coraltastic cover art) on April the 2nd, and as that's really not far away you should probably familiarise yourself with the title track - so here it is:

Echo Of Love by The Shutes

Finally who's up for some news from THE BILINDA BUTCHERS? Good, because I certainly am! The California duo have completed work on their, as yet untitled, second EP, and hope to bring it to the public domain in the coming months. If you're really hungry for new material though there is a further option. Debut release, 'Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams', is now to be put out in Japan with the addition of three extra tracks, 'Stevie Nicks', 'My Little French Song' and 'Left Behind' - so head over to Facebook for relevant purchase links. Furthermore the band also have a Soundcloud remixes page (here) where you can enjoy others attempts to rework their existing material, and there's no better effort than Public Transport's excellent handy work with 'Tulips' - enough to keep anyone going I'm sure.


And with that we are done here, see you back on Thursday Foundees!

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