8 March 2012

Found - Them Swoops

In the pantheon of great words 'swoop' is criminally overlooked. From the squiggle of the 's', past the 'oo' and on to the puckering 'p', what we have here is a 100% top combination of letters! For some reason though, only newspaper headline writers seem to have permission to use it, either for sport (Chelsea SWOOP for sixth manager this month), crime (Ofcom and Police SWOOP on Sound Of Confusion blog) or stories about idiots (Human Parrot injured after SWOOP off Western Super Mare Pier ends in rubber dinghy collision). On the horizon though a new lease of life may beckon for this ambitious adverb, one that will find our favourite word nestled within the inky embrace of the music press!

The responsibility of leading our dictionary bigwig out of the shadows and on to adoration, rightly requires broad shoulders; how fortunate then that Melbournites THEM SWOOPS have six arm-and-neck connectors between them!! But while the scapula offers support to the name, it's the sleeves with the garage pop anthems stored up them that you really want to keep your eyes on. Two such brightly coloured tunes were abracadabrad into the open last month, when the trio teamed up with Cosine Records (the label that released Good Dangers 'So Unkind') for the promotion of a double track single. The A-side 'Work Around It' launched in with a purring 'Eye Of The Tiger' rhythm, before quickly submitting to its singalong sensibilities, combining the chugging, candy floss melodies of Phoenix with the sunny spirit of Vampire Weekend. Companion track 'Take Your Time' had a more hallucinogenic hue; the sprightly acoustic strum and featherweight vocals being preceded by reverse tracked harmonies, that in turn re-emerged come the chorus in order to provide the platform for a killer hook to take flight. What's even more thrilling is that a third composition, 'Too Fast For Love', combines the best bits of both of the above; the base bouncing and rolling like a boxer up on his toes, and the guitars swaying and...well... for want of a better word swooping! We started by praising a word, but sometimes there's only so much even the best ones can say, in this instance it's the actions that are yelling from the rooftops.

Too Fast For Love by them swoops


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