22 March 2012

Found - Delta/Alaska

When upon last Friday night, The Found Of Confusion was engrossed in a charity quiz night (seeing as you’re dying to know we finished second, stupid picture round with its movie stills!!!), the following question was asked: ‘What is the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet?'. The designated ‘writer’ of our team immediately scribbled down the relevant response and sat back nodding confidently. Now, not knowing the correct answer and feeling inquisitive, a colleague to my left enquired discreetly of me ‘is it ‘Delta?’, to which I replied, ‘I’ll ask her’ – you can imagine the hilarity that ensued when the rest of the table thought we had actually been discussing this week’s Founders DELTA/ALASKA, spooky or what!

Presuming our cloth eared companions misguided assumption had actually been correct, what could they have gleamed from their well executed eavesdropping? Well first and foremost, they'd be left in no doubt that Delta/Alaska spin out the type of tumultuous and instinctive indie-rock jams that are designed to get your gig going threads dusted off and down the front for a serious shake down. Conceived in the autumn months of 2010, the five piece from the north side of London quickly dipped their toe in the industry water, launching a single 'Start With The Cage', before then opting to gradually seep further material out via a number of compilation appearances. Those tracks united to form January's debut EP, and the self titled collection is proof positive that opposites not only attract, but can also gel into a desirable relationship. In this instance the yang of the co-dependency is keen to flex its force - 'Vancouver's thunderous drum assault, the brewing storm clouds of 'D.L.O.I', and some fierce At The Drive In licks, combining to blistering effect - but the music's inner strength comes from the calming counterbalance the yin provides. Part Lilies From Mars, part Durutti Column; childlike, feminine vocals, intertwine with aquatic guitar melodies to confirm that at the eye of the tornado there's a tranquil haven to be found. This marriage of styles is at its most captivating on 'All Our Friends By The Sea'; the smooth waters of the songs opening minute, rapidly being displaced by a tidal wave of fuzz and frenzy that crashes out of sight almost as quickly as it arrived. If the quiz question many music fans in 2012 are asking is, 'Where are the exciting new bands?' then it just might be that the answer on the pad will read: 'Delta/Alaska'.

Vancouver by Delta/Alaska


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  1. Did you just make up the quiz bit?

    1. Would I do that! No, there really was a quiz, we did finish second (out of 12 teams no less!)and that was one of the questions... as for the rest of the paragraph..well it wouldn't exactly stand up in a court of law, but for the purpose of me having an intro let's just pretend it's true!

  2. As a renowned quizzer myself I have to say I'm disappointed with you only finishing second. If we ever fail to win we're all in early for training the next morning and docked a week's wages. Thankfully we always win because we're dead smart and that.

  3. Yes I'd imagine those hours studying the Guiness book of hit singles must serve you well in Scilly's two team quiz league! Besides it was only films that scuppered us, and as we both know films are a waste of time!

  4. Films are a waste of time. And there are a lot more than 2 teams! In the now defunct 'proper' quiz we're record holders. Mind you, I've been sidelined for ages! Last appearance was last March! Dunno how they're doing without me - if there's even a team left!

  5. They're probably still stuck on question one from last April - and the pool team hasn't sunk a pot in twelve months! Bet the radio hasn't won an award since either. Get your dad to play Delta/Alaska, that'll win them a gong.

  6. There will be only 1 original member left in the quiz team! I selfishly got ill, George even more selfishly died (he was 80 so we let him off...) and I'm not sure who else Steve has got with him now! Pool team were doing OK last I heard, but will only be 2nd or 3rd this year. Radio has gone downhill. Replacing me with Pat Sharp was never a good move!

  7. I hope George didn't take my 'seeing as you're dying to know' literally - I feel bad now, better edit it quick, can't have any of my Found fans die on me, they're scant enough as it is!