15 March 2012

Found - Peace

Sit down beside me child for yours is the kingdom and.. blah de blah blah - no reader, I've not been Canonised (yet), I'm simply using biblical language as a rather clever means of conveying the impression that I'm feeling serene. The reason for my meditative calm is that we presently find ourselves in the midst of Lent, which for those non Catholic readers will be more familiar to you as the no mans land between the night you scoff loads of pancakes and the morning you shovel in big chocolate eggs. This is a period that requests we spiritual superiors take time to ourselves - atheists, think of the hermit in Life Of Brian as a guide - look inwardly, and reflect on what we could do better to make ourselves and those around us happier; in short to find peace...so that is exactly what The Found Of Confusion has done!

It turns out the path to PEACE is actually the M6 into England's second city, and it's one this blog first metaphorically travelled in the middle of last year. The strong desire to feature the Birmingham quartet at that stage, was tempered by the fact that the somewhat mental, epileptic-endangering, video for 'BBlood' caused this writer to feel like death incarnate, so a decision was made to sit tight and wait for something more visually suitable to appear. Thankfully that has now materialised in the shape of new single 'Follow Baby', and with heavyweights like the NME hitching up on to the bandwagon, let's hope there's still room for a little one to squeeze on at the back. Those clambering aboard, are likely to be discussing how the new track is not only kinder on the eyes, but also a treat for the ears. Both the prior mentioned 'Bblood' and it's partner demo 'Vials' promised much, abducting Foals mix of math rock rhythms and hollow melody and then giving the sap a lesson in how to toughen up, via some primal drum skin bashing and a growling base line. On 'Follow Baby' that attitude remains intact but the band have stepped out sporting different garbs; a straining vocal and grunge inspired intro pays worthy respect to The Vines, but it's the anthemic simplicity of the chorus that will really make you sit up and take notice. Throw in the type of static charged guitar riff that served Suede so well through their formative years, and what we have over the course of just three minutes is one of the best singles of the year to date. So sorry all, If you're looking for peace then you've come to the wrong place, it seems this band are about to turn things up a lot louder.


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