8 September 2011

Found - Citizens

Are you an aspiring musician looking for a leg up in this cuttiest of cut throat industries? Then get your listening ears on (now take them off and put on your reading eyes) as here's the official step by step guide of how to get your music on display here at the The Found Of Confusion.

Step One - pick a band name that has a vague connection to my favourite football club.

And basically that's it! Expect to be reading gushing reviews of 'Quinn's Discopants'; 'The Balti Pie Experience' and' Elvis's High Flying Birds' in the weeks to come! It does also help though if you know how to put a song together; London's CITIZENS definitely do - well done gents, both bases covered.

The quartet are back with new material, twelve months on from when they first made their presence known with a video for the hugely promising demo 'Avalanches'. Driven on by a pummeling drum beat, which ably set off a pensive vocal (akin to Thirteen Senses), the track built up it's rhythmic layers before riding out on a groove that they must have pinched when The Music had their back turned. Now two further tracks have been circulated for public consumption and neither disappoints. Echoes takes a lead from it's predecessor, starting earnestly then gradually evolving to a cadenced conclusion, while Turns Gold, with it's Pure Reason Revolution-esque moody synths and pleading chorus, has obvious radio playlist potential. An additional demo Meridian waits ready in the wings to be next up and, much like the tracks themselves, there's a sense that Citizens are steadily building up to something special arriving around the corner.

Turns Gold by citizens


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