29 September 2011

Found - Violet Youth

*Peeks out from behind the couch* Psst, I'm over here reader. I don't want to alarm you but I'm hiding because I've heard some violent youths are about to turn up! Apparently they come from Stockport so they're probably dead handy in a fight and...hang on sorry that's my phone...ah right I see....emm this is embarrassing, it would appear that I misheard, today's band are VIOLET YOUTH, not violent - better cancel that police panic alarm request!

With the threat of ASBO's averted, Violet Youth can get on with what they hope to do best, making records of the wax variety rather than the criminal. Having recently expanded to a five piece, by welcoming a keyboard player into the fold, the Cheshire/Greater Manchester* group returned to the studio earlier this month to work on a number of new tracks. Provisionally titled 'The Pursuit Of Young Love EP' this material will be their first official release since August 2010's 'Carla's Song' single. So what can you expect to hear? Well while the band accurately liken their sound to Carter USM, it's also hard not to draw comparisons with some of their north west bred predecessors. The previously mentioned 'Carla's Song' has the melodic sweetness of The High, and vocalist Andrew Schofield would surely make John Cooper Clarke proud with the way he spits out a fantastically succinct assessment of Hugh Grant's acting versatility. 'Delays' appeal meanwhile lies in it's hunger; it may not be the most complex track you'll ever hear but that matters little as it exudes a D.I.Y punk rock attitude and a verve reminiscent of The Buzzcocks or The Fall. The only issue that may lie ahead? Motivation; Violet Youth have already played live at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium, and as any sane individual knows you'll never top that!

*delete as you prefer.

Warning: Contains language that could offend


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